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  1. i just rolled this one with my machine and a bob marley all hemp paper. the gum doesn't stick real well, i had to lick it again and warm it with a lighter. i wonder how long this'll last me if i just smoke it by myself.

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  2. cool, that should get u nice and blazed
  3. Most papers Ive seen are always the smaller ones. Ive seen the larger papes but whats the point in buying huge papers when you are hitting a J to yourself? If the bud is good enough, half that J will be good if that?

  4. The point is to get higher, why smoke half of it when you have the bud to smoke a whole one. get as high as you can please.
  5. nice i would just take the hole j to the head
  6. I'd call this regular size...but it sure looks nice
  7. not my idea of kingsize but stil ..ya have fun with that and happy toking
  8. yeh...i realize you guys roll like 3 foot spliffs and shit, but i'm still weak. i usually only roll single skinned zigzags so this is pretty big for me. thanks for the comments.
  9. Nice sized single person joint but i could roll fatter with one small zig zag paper, i use a method that makes the joint as fat as a bic pen, take a little more time than a machine but worth the wait.
  10. lol I eat peices of shit like that for breakfest, you think thats a king sized joint?, lol I laugh at you good sir, muhahahaha, big my ass

  11. You eat peices of shit for breakfast?
  12. what?! yall eat pieces of shit for breakfast? whats tha basis...
  13. couldn't of said it any better my self.
  14. i dont think that is that big iv seen bigger rolled bigger smoked bigger but i would say its nicer then most every one elses
  15. not that kingsize...but itll do the trick...good blaze
  16. This is king size, but this killed us.

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  17. That's a king size joint...

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  18. damn thats fuckin crazy

  19. DAMN! how did you roll that?!

  20. 2 of us rolled it, we had to use honey to stick it together as the cheech and chong paper had no gum.

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