Kings winter shed. Mixed genetics.1200watts

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  1. Hey all!! Finally finished my winter shed for the most part- got 1x 600 watt metalhallide coupled next to a 1x 600 watt HPS. in about 32 sqft or so. Making for roughly 5,000 lu / sq. ft. Temps stay between 65-75. The shed is insulated besides on the door, with R13(plenty) outside temps drop to 20 degrees out here during the nights.
    Here are some pics, You can see a few of the strains. including Purple Kush(huge leaves), Master Kush. And the hardcore sativa I had outside lastyear, behind the PK im touching. You can see in my signature. I got 1 seed off 3 lbs, and the smoke is pure medicine! Still lovin it!Bastard is gunna take 15 weeks to fully flower though x)
    ALL organic!


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  2. Lookin' mighty healthy sir. 15 week is a long ass time for one plant to flower haha!
  3. Looks big bro. Was waiting for u to link this with ur outdoor. How was harvest man
  4. Thank you! & I know x) I let the last one go for 11 weeks and had almost 0 amber trichs outside. Im thinkin 13 weeks for it to finish and 15 for some super stoney sativa smoke.The one outside was some of the best medicine I've ever had. & still is. Everyone who has tried it has sworn by its potency. Dried a little too much though.
    Harvest was awesome! Still got some left. And thanks! This PK is a boss! Gunna let them get bigg, I took some cuttings to put outside in a couple months when spring arrives, so they can flower outside in the colder nights, make sure I get some purple.
  5. Not a bad idea. U gonna breed at all?
  6. Not too sure yet really. Probably not this time around, just getting used to these genetics. It would be cool though x)
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    Things are growing okay. Me being a cheapskate, I went out to the woods and gathered natural soil from under oaks. Came back with 100 gallons of black light soil, composted it, amended it, then used it.
    \nI amended with epsome tomato tone, and vermiculite/pearlite. The plants are eating it up like no other!
    \nI have a total of 11 plants, getting rid of some crap genetics that have found their way in lol.
    \nMay not bud at all inside, I may put everything outside for a spring harvest?
    Master Kush leaves on the clones are getting massive compared to her mother's x)
    \n\n1x 600 watt mh and 1x600 watt Hps so far. Will be adding an additional 400 watts of HPS around flowering.

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