Kings of chaos! age III

Discussion in 'General' started by nyc-smoker, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. hey anybody play Kings of chaos age 3 i know some of u played age 1. Well its event better now that beta is out you guys should play! maybe we can start a stoner alliance if you wanna play you can join under me or if you just wanna help me out heres the link.( for poeple that dont know this game clicking this adds a person to my army )

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  2. So no one plays. Well then u should try its a fun game and better then before.
  3. heh sorry dont play dem games
  4. i have played before but it was not age 3 and i will be checking it out on the site.
  5. I\'m gonna get this thread closed. This is nothing more than spam in disguise. Try it again and you\'re getting a warning.

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