Kings Kush/Kaya47/BlackDiesel 4 week flowering!

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    the strains are :

    Kings Kush (GreenHouse Seeds)
    Kaya 47 (Advanced Seeds)
    Black Diesel (Advanced Seeds)

    lighting setup :

    400w HPS

    plants backgrounds :

    all in 5gal buckets filled with 2.5gal soil ...
    fed 15-30-15 nutes when i feel like it
    all were vegged for exactly 1 month
    left in the dark 24 hours before first 12/12 session
    been flowering for 4 weeks and 4 days.

    they are showing some signs of deficiencys
    but idk what they are or how to cure them
    some leafs are turning yellow, then eventually die.

    i have been clipping some HUGE leafs off, just to get light to lower branches.

    pix :

    a few posts down !

    each post has 2 pics of each plant.
    3 posts total
    6 pics total.
    dont get em mixed up
  2. where are the pics man?
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  5. KAYA 47 :

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    nice plants man. how did u get ur temps under control? has ur Kings Kush turned purple yet?

  7. well , the temps outside got wwwwwway cooler..
    i live on the east coast(maybe) ...
    it was hot for like 3 days maybe, real hot, like 85-90. which is pretty hot considering its about 60-65 outside right now... they say we MAY get snow tonight, 30 degrees and shit.

    all these volcanoes, earthquakes, it getting super hot, then real cold , i think 2012 is really going to happen, something, idk what, but something bad i think. lolol
    im high

    all 3 plants , the stems of the leafs are purple, but not the actual buds if thats wat ur assking.
    the black diesel is getting some weird orange / pink color to the hairs, when u look @ the pics on attitude seed bank, the buds are real bright in color.
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    I'm growing out the King's Kush too, a little more than a week behind you though. From what I read, the King's Kush will turn a little bit purple later in flower unless you got the purple phenotype which is dominantly purple as the plant goes further into flowering.

    Who knows though, that sucker could start going purple anytime, and when it does the whole plant gets much darker....the leaves almost go black.

    here is a pic I just found--not mine
  10. i just orderd some Black Diesel. it sounds bomb i cant wait to grow it! ima watch your grow

  11. word
    my black diesel is lookin pretty mean
    week 5 and a few days
  12. since everybody is showin' off there Kings Kush i might as well show off mine!


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    one thing i noticed is that your buckets look like there only filled 1/4 full with soil. next time fill them sombitches to the rim with soil n let them roots grow! i had a problem with using to small of a pot and the bud was good but small........fuckers are like an only see 20% of it and the rest is under soil

  14. yeah dude, i realized that when it was too late lolol.
    its actually like atleast 1/2 full. so 2.5 gallons of soil (est)
  15. bump, trying to post new pics tonight ...
    7 weeks flowering on Monday the 24th.

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