King's Kush, Kalashnikova Autoflower, Outdoor.

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  1. Hey there, there is three seedlings pop up today. Kalashnikova auto is little behind the King's Kush's auto.
    I"'m growing outdoor with BioBizz light mix soil. Air is little windy and had a good humidity around %40-60. But heat is little bit stressing, around 30-35 Celsius at day time, 25-27 around night time.
    I'm gonna starting use at the week 3,a nutrients, bloom, big buds, roots, one more that I can't remember, when the flowering begins I'm gonna use cal-mag too.
    I'm trying to keep soil wet from the inside and doing good at the moment, water I use is 6.9 Ph, clean water.
    Any suggestion?

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  2. Day three, babies loving life and doing well at the moment.

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