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  1. Hey guys anyone know what website I can buy a King Stemline off of? or other stemlines?
  2. A l t, bm, ioffer
  3. I cant find it anywhere

  4. Aqua lab technologies. Do a search next time.
  5. You have to be fast at @lt. They post them up and they sell out instantly.
  6. I did search how am I suppose to know what *** means
  7. Op are you hooked on phonics?
  8. lol, you messed up...there was like 20 king stemline on @LT in the past month, but i bet there wont be anymore for awhile.
  9. you're most likely gonna have to just camp out on AyLT, checking for updates as frequently as possible. that's what i did when i picked up mine in the spring, but that was when sg popularity was just taking off and they sat online for a couple days at least before getting scooped up.

    you can also get hints when new shipments are coming in by subscribing to certain facebook pages/websites, i'm not quite sure which ones though.
  10. thats right and i actually got a King Stemline after hawking the site for about a year....good luck and keep your credit card handy and the site up at all times.

    if you are lucky you will get one within the next couple months..if not it might take up to a year unless you call around and really try call head shops...i know of a head shop that has them in stock right now i me.

  11. why are they so hard to find? how come that site can get them but just regular customers cant?

  12. they are so hard to get because they are so popular

    and they are land locked for the most part.

    They are a west coast brand.

    I've never seen an SG in person INSIDE A STORE on the east coast.

    And that website is the only one that has them because of a deal between SG and A LT
  13. oh okay thanks
  14. You might also want to get a sub to boromarket. It's a $50 subscription fee but SG's pop up every now and then.

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