King Stemline????

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  1. Every single time I am on ALT, the Sovereignty King Stemline is out of stock. I am on ALT just about everyday. I am wondering whether I'm just being too slow, or is the King Stemline gone? Someone please help...I've been wanting one for almost a year now and finally have the funds.:smoke:

  2. BoroMarket is your best bet.
  3. Thanks, it won't let me subscribe but this does help.
    Any other places anyone knows of that is a retailer of Sovereignty tubes?
  4. alt is your only bet
  5. i understand boromarket is obviously the place to get glass when you cant find what your looking for locally or @ online headshops. What is the point of referring people to boromarket if subs are closed....i think ive had like 6 ppl tell me "get a bm sub"......I would if the freakin subscriptions were open! duhhhh
  6. My lhs just got kings yesterday. They also ship
  7. do they have a website or a facebook page or anything??

  8. No but if you have cash in hand I can hook u up. No window shoppers please, I've had too many people waste my lhs and my time.
  9. hmmm maybe after my EFS comes and i regain a little loot, might have to take you up on that offer

  10. Those kings will be long gone soon :(
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    a local shop is your best bet and if they deal in high quality glass they can most likely order you one thats how i got my mini king stemline
  12. You don't really place orders with Steve from SG. He like calls you and says hey this is what I got come get it. At least that's how he deals with my LHS and they are one of his most exclusive retailers.
  13. My LHS calls him haha but he's only sent them 1 shipment of stemlines so far. Supposedly they're gettin a big order in soon though..

  14. my lhs always has like 3-5 stemlines 2-3 stem 8s and a pillar

    its a great shop, not the best prices though
  15. where is your lhs

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