King of the Hill

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  1. I love it.

    I have friends who dispise it though, any blades Hank Hill fans?:smoking:
  2. I dunno, maybe you should ask Dank Hill or Dale Gribble :smoking:

    I've seen more than a few avatars or siggys related to king of the hill
  3. King of the Hill is hilarious. Satire of red necks is just hilarious.

    Anyone else see that episode where Bobby starts growing roses in his closet and he goes to a headshop to get growing supplies? His display vase was definitely a bong, lol.

  4. haha, that was a great episode. I wish I could get a growshop called stems n' seeds to sponsor me.

    I love king of the hill.
  5. shi shi shi shaw!
  6. ...lmao

    Hell yeah I love it, but my friends just wonder why I watch a "redneck comedy."

  7. This is my favorite show, I don't care how many of my friends tell me that it sucks.
  8. lol i love that episode
    -"dude we need more of this guy."
    -"no man we need more of this weed"
  9. I love King of the Hill. I really can't see how so many people don't find it funny, it's fuckin' hilarious to me.
  10. I just torrented season 7 online, i've been blazing and watching it on the laptop every night before bed haha, just so classy,
  11. Awesome show.
  12. Hank Hill is amazing. I fuckin love King of the Hill.
  13. I think Hank Hill is an ingenious juxtaposition of a character. He is a true man's man, traditional Texan manly man. But he has a very girly son and a narrow urethra. He lives in Texas and grills with propane, which is stereotypical a HUGE no no.
  14. Does anyone else think Bill is the saddest guy :(.

    The episode with the Bill tattoo on Hanks head.

    I felt bad irl for how Bill used to be and what he has become.
  15. Yeh, the Billdozer.

    Yeah, Bill is sad but, hes pretty funny.
  16. Hahaha, favourite Bill episode.

    Forget the name, but the one with the trans-fat ban!

    Bill at his finest right there, lol.
  17. yea i love KOTH

    yea bills life is sad. but thats the life of a lot of people. u could easily be in them shoes someday

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