King of the hill

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  1. Who else likes to smoke and watch KOTH? It's a love/hate thing with most people it seems, but I think this show is HILARIOUS :hello:
  2. I like watching it, but I'm not sure why. I don't find it to be that funny, but it's just...chill. I can't explain it.

  3. ...So they asked me to teach German, and I said "nein," which I thought meant yes. But it turns out, "nein" means no. So I blew a big opportunity.
  4. King of the hill is the shit i mostly watch for Dale though he is my favorite chareter on the show
    I made my dad a mii chareter on the wii and he looks just like Hank Hill
  5. I dig it. Like the other guy said I don't find it really funny or anything.. it just manages to hold my attention well somehow. Though it has had a few pretty funny moments
  6. King of the hill is a show no one can fuck with. Mike Judge is a genius and that's a fact my friends.
  7. Revive! King of the Hill is my favorite show of all time!
  8. right on! are you from kentucky?
  9. damnit bobby!
    that boy ain't right.

    this is one show i need to dl stat.

  10. It probably would have been more likely if Brittany Murphy (Luanne) hadn't died :(

    I never cared much for the episodes that focused on her, but either way, she was an integral part of the show/dynamic and she had her moments. :eek:
  11. Lol good luck, it took me a min. I think it's over 40 gbs.
  12. Every episode is on Netflix. Love this show.
  13. I love king of the hill!
  14. I love this show so much..

  15. Meh, It should be done in like 10 hours. I've got a 1-13 pack that's a little smaller than that.

    Actually cannot wait to start this shit from the beginning lol.
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    I tell you hwat,.....damn it bobby,.......that boy ain't right
  17. I think the original joke for the show just sets the stage so well "Dang ol' show about nothing"
  18. The only people ive ever met that hated this cartoon only hate it because it focuses on a white community. pretty sad. Haha

  19. ironically enough one of the writers is african american lol
  20. Someone summed it up perfectly, it's just a chill show. Family guy and south park etcetera are all loud as hell. And not that I'm a prude, but KOTH is a whole lot less vulgar, so I don't mind watching it when my younger cousins are over. Not to mention, I love the characters, just their mannerisms and attitudes make me laugh.

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