"King of Queens" I dig it !!!

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  1. When this show first aired I really wasn't a big fan, but when it came back in re-runs I had a bigger interest in the show, Doug is a very comical character and the rest of the cast is great. Who else likes this show? post some clips of your favorite episodes and I will as well.
  2. no clips i just wanted to say its a pretty good show to watch wen ur just chillin around not doin much, i like the who idea of it too. great show.
  3. I didn't like it when it was on prime time, but I got into the reruns about a year ago. For a good 7 or 8 months, I would watch it everyday on TV and then on my computer when I was toking at night. I still watch it on occasion on TV, but for some reason, it is just too angry for me now. Carrie and Doug are really just not nice people... Ahhh, I'll shut up so I don't ruin the show for anyone else. :smoke: It is a fun show to watch while blazing though.
  4. Kevin James does alright in the show - but his standup is awful.
  5. I liked his special on Comedy Central, but that is all I've seen. His bit about guys being so obvious when they need to readjust their underwear (taking huge sideway steps, etc) is hilarious.
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    So I was looking for good clips to post and i found this If you are stoned its pretty fucken funny :laughing: :smoke:

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    heres the same clip in English Just as funny!

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  7. On the surface it looks like just another cookie cutter sitcom, but it is fucking hilarious

    The way Doug says things sometimes, I just die laughing
  8. I feel like I've seen almost all of the episodes of that show in re-runs, and I never saw the finale. I still have no idea how it ends.

    I always laugh when I watch it.
  9. kevin james is a mad funny dude...his stand up is hilarious...anyone else seen it?
  10. ah yes, another cookie-cutter sitcom about a fat guy who would have no chance having a hot wife as depicted.
  11. Just to defend the show, he was supposed to be a big, muscular football player in high school and when Carrie met him he was a huge bouncer. So as time went on he just stopped working out and got fat. Seems realistic enough to me. Plus he's funny... although their relationship is dysfunctional on many levels...
  12. Plus, by the end of the show he had lost a lot of weight and didn't look as sloppy
  13. And she had gained weight (not even including the episodes where she was pregnant during filming). So there was a time when they were about the same size. It makes me sad that I know all of this from memory...
  14. This show is okay but about a month ago I watched a rerun from one of the first shows when the dad still lived alone and laughed my ass off.

    He lived in his own house and his daughter finally moved out and he made a joke that "with the extra room he was going to start a green house for the Glaucoma medince"

    I staight lol'd for like 2 mins straight. It was probably the no more than the 4th episode in the series.
  15. Its a good show, I watch it over and over seems to never get old.
  16. shows alwayz on but its mad funny
  17. That was the first esp of the series i love that part your talking about!:D
  18. I LOVE king of queens! The banter between the characters is just too damn funny. Classic sitcom... best sitcom if you ask me

    I'm from queens so I might be a bit biased :rolleyes:
  19. Carrie was always really hot in my opinion. Patton Oswalt is annoying as fuck though, and fat too. Jerry Stiller is a comedic genius.

  20. I know. Arthur really makes the show. Doug and carrie are real funny, but I think it would get too annoying if it were just them

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