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Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, May 10, 2006.

  1. Anyone seen this show on Tv? I saw his infomericials on the Local Channels day Im flippin' threw the channels, and now this guy has a TV show on A&E.... Kinda suprising.

    Is it anygood?Or is it garbage?
  2. the one time i saw it i thought that it was interesting. its kinda cool to see car sales from that side of things, but i think it would get boring quickly...
  3. the dude is such a pathetic wigger. i've watched the show and it sucks ass. he has a music video even that they show to promote the show, and he's so untalented it just makes me what to gouge out my eyes so i don't have to see it. a&e must be desperate for programming; first dog the bounty hunter and now this?

  4. Dont forgot Growing up Gotti. That show is so fuckin stupid
  5. Gotti's pretty stupid, but I find Dogg entertaining enough.

  6. I watch it from time to time. Dog is a pretty cool dude, ive seen him bail out people himself. Thats just crazy, a bailbondsman bailing out people who already ran out on a bail.
  7. yup i agree
  8. whatever, everyone in here is crazy, dog the bounty hunter and king of cars are both bad ass. king of cars is awesome, this guy sells so many cars it's nuts, he is such a fucking hustler. and has anyone seen intervention on a&e yet? sooo fuckin rad.
  9. I caught it on tv just a while ago. It wasn't bad... Not the most exciting show.
    I do agree that dogg is a good show.
  10. i take back what i said about dog (the show is good in moderate doses). but i would like to take the opportunity to bash the 'growing up gotti' show. those kids think they are so fucking badass. they would not have survived one day at my old hs w/o being jumped, stabbed, or otherwise fucked up.
  11. Fucking Law & Order is the shit...sometimes.
  12. They play that on A&E? I thought it was just on USA

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