King Crimson for all you acid heads

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  1. I notice this band doesnt have a thread, they're my favourite. Anything Fripp touches is fucking gold

    if you've never heard of them, then damn.. you need to. best prog rock band ever

    [ame=]YouTube - One More Red Nightmare-King Crimson (Studio Version)[/ame]

    i'm really into "Red" right now, i've been into the Wetton/Bruford era for a while
  2. I have seen this band many times. In all incarnations, they are one of the best bands in modern music history. Tony Levin and Adrian Belew added huge sound to the group. As do Trey Gunn and Pat Mastolioto, and as Greg lake did in the original line-up. Fripp gets the best musicians!
    [ame=""]YouTube - King Crimson - Frame By Frame[/ame]

    To the OP, this was the tour I first saw them on.
    [ame=""]YouTube - King Crimson - Lark's commercial[/ame]
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    Yeah man I like the Belew/Levins line up alot aswell. Bruford plays with them too, he's like my favourite drummer

    Larks Tounges in Aspic is a great album, it's probably my favourite.

    Nice to see some other Crimson fans, more people need to listen to this band. You're extremly lucky to have seen them live with Wetton, i'd give my left nut for that

    also, i was noticing reading the album cover for "Red", Rob Emerson did some work on that album.. lots of musicians from other great prog rock bands were in King Crimson at one point or another.. Greg Lake and Emerson from ELP, Bruford from Yes, Wetton from Asia, Belew from Talking Heads.. its pretty crazy
  4. cmon I know theres gotta be more people out there that like this shit

    [ame=]YouTube - KING CRIMSON - THE GREAT DECEIVER[/ame]

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