- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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    Over the internet I have neverdone business.

    In real life though I can vouch for these guy's.

    I have never received anything bad from them. 100% germination. germination garantee. I have started 7 strains from them. I got most seeds from either greehouse (amsterdam) or british columbia seeds which were all quality and 100% of those i got were famales. NOT feminised, might have gotten lucky and/or maybe them beign really cool has something with it but I have no complaints. They have a small intimate shop and knowledgable staff, personal service. There's never allot of people in there which is a good thing cause you can sit, look @ strains in there guide and discuss it openly which is fairly rare. Also, they have good medical knowledge of strains and physiccal / mental effects of the strains. Good life experience I guess.

    I give this shop an excellent review and encourage people to do business with them. I can defiantely vouch for the quality of the product, experiences, and also the kind knowledge that was shared (been in there about 15-20 times to date).

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