kinds of weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by 3zEk!3L, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. I got al lil' question that just POPPED into my head 8D. I wanted to know what kinds of weed there are in the states or anywhere else. Or do you all just call it: weed :p
    Well the (good) stuff they sell here is called: Northern Light, Super Santa Maria, Moonflower, Temple Nepal and ice-O-lator.
    That's the tip of the iceberg here.

    If u wanna see them on the web... look here: and then at ur left -> kinds of weed.
    Maybe u wanna check out rolling joints to, it's worth it :D.
  2. well there are currently approx 1127 strains on their list, and i know of approx another 6 that are not, but it's the best compiled list i've seen...........every strain has the possibility to give you a diffrent effect, as each one contains diffrent levels of THC, CBN, CBD in them...............Peace out.........Sid
  3. ow thanks for the url, like the site :D. They do have a huuge list of different kinds sorted out, might come in handy...
  4. umm unrelated question, how come weed is so much stronger now then in the 70's? what has made it stronger?
  5. a better knowledge of the plant brian, 30 years later, look at the advancement in car technoligy, like air bags, and better miles to the gallon, it's only natural that the MJ got stronger as more growers, and scientists haver been trying new things out, and taking notes of the results..........Peace out.........Sid

    well that's what i think what do i know, i just grow it, and smoke i was a scientist, or allowed to grow legally.........

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