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  1. so i lit up in the bathroom like 50 minutes ago, with the window open the whole time and during the time in which i was taking a shower, and then sprayed some axe and my dad got home about 25 minutes ago and wouldn't shut up about how he smells something and "did mom light a candle"? i dunno if she did so i may have no alibi. my stoned defence was "i microwaved some lentil soup, that may be it" what do you think? do you think he'll find out if mom gets home and apparently she didn't light any candles today? i'm a little worried that they'll deduce it when they both get home later tonight. (my mom should be home 7:30-8:30 maybe 9 at the latest and my dad probably once it stopps snowing up here in MA or at least by 9-10 to go to bed providing it isn't getting worse. someone please tell me the likely outcome, i'm a little worried.
  2. just tell them you were burning some incense. if he asks to see it say that it was the last stick of it you had and then go buy some more and bring it home later. If he says he didn't know you burned incense just say you usually burn it in your room and open the window or something. Idk? Or say you took a shit and you lit a candle yourself. So many options man. Just make up a half-assed lie. It's better than gettin caught
  3. i dont think you have too much to worry about. do they know you smoke?
  4. OOO your dad knows whats up he knows all about weed.
    It's time your dad finds out that you smoke.
    Good Luck

    PS your dad prolly used the insence excuse b4.
  5. well i didn't get caught, i over thought it. my mom didn't even smell anything by the time she got home and just thought my dads nose was all fucked up. lol i guess i was just paranoid.

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