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Discussion in 'General' started by Smoking Buddah, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. I've been smoking for about 3 years now and I feel comfortable using the wonderful plant. I was wanting to try some shrooms or maybe some acid, but the thing is I'm kinda scared of what may happen. I have tripped before on Savlia and DXM, but that's about it and neither where like "woah there's a fairy buzzing in the kettle of gold below the rainbow!!!" kinda visions. I am just wondering if I should just shrug it off and go for it, or kieep thinking about it for a little while....

    There was one time that I tripped off Salvia and I was over at my step brother's house. I was looking at the floor where his cat was sitting and the cat turned into a mouse. Than it looked like a bunny. When i pointed at it my grey hoodie (soaked because it was raining) looked bright green and the wet spots where purple.
    Other than that instance nothing really big happened.
  2. If you tripped that hard off Salvia, then shrooms and acid are really not for you. Hallucinogens require a steady head through the trip.... You wont be able to sleep all night, if you can not make yourself calm down through the trip.. you can do some stupid things. You will see swirls and your thinking will be very disattached. I just ate acid last night, and i feel drained. Not tired, but mentally drained. Its a hell of a drug.. I reccomend never taking it alone untill you are used to the effects. Well, gl.
  3. If you're scared, research. I researched mushrooms for months before ever even making an effort to buy them, but when the time came, I felt prepared and ready. I ended up having one of the best drug experiences of my life.

    Mushrooms are amazing, but also demanding. If things go wrong you can't turn around and ignore it. Things can become very intense and uncomfurtable at some points. I recomend starting off with a small dose and working your way from their. No more then 2 grams I'd say.

    But like I said, RESEARCH. is a good place for info. also has a ton of info. Read trip reports and learn everything you can. When the time comes you'll be rewarded.

    EDIT: You should try mushrooms before you try acid IMO. Acid can put you out there for a good 12 hours. Mushrooms pass completly within 6.
  4. dont do acid or shrooms stick to the good old herb drugs suck herbs are good
  5. all i gotta say is if you do shrooms... do them with a friend or 2 and be in a good mood, paranoia isnt a good thing if your trippin.

    I love fungii

  6. many other drugs are fine if you use them responsibly

  7. who's to say weed isnt a "drug"?
    ive seen someone say on here once that saying weed isnt a drug is like saying shrooms or opium arent drugs.... they may be natural but if they get you fucked up, theyre drugs.

    shrooms are very enjoyable. im not gonna do acid (maybe when im like 90 lol) because if your not prepared it can mess with your head for a very long time.

    weed is still the best... or "best of the worst" as some call it lol

  8. Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

    IMO, you should be okay tripping on an 1/8 of shrooms or a hit of acid, just go into it 'knowing that it's just a drug, and that it will go away.' Just remember reality, even if you are leaving it for a while, don't forget about it.

  9. lol actualy shrooms nad lsd are probably the drugs you would want to do rather than cocaine, herion, estacy. and ya marijuana is a drug ..dont joke like damn baby its just weed baby smoke the good herb.

    cause its a drug buddy. does it alter your perception of the world and the things around you? does it get you high?

    just sit in erowird or goto shroomery post some q&as there. until you feel comfortable and confident enough that you can take them.
  10. thats some bomb ass shit that happened to the cat.

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