kinda new to the growing thing and i need a little help..any suggestions will help

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  1. i'm kinda new to the outdoor growing scene so i need a little help..alrite i live in the outskirts of metro atlanta(georgia) and i wanted to know when a good time would be to start planting my seeds..Its pretty cold out but not too bad..the average now is about 50-60 degrees during the day and at nite it drops to about 30..Is it too early or should i go ahead and start??.. any suggestions will help. thanks
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  5. Can somone answer the question? I'd like to know a good nighttime temp to start from seed at.
  6. You ideally want it at least 40 at night, even 50 maybe.
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    Hi! Well, I don't think there is any rush. I'm from Southern Europe so I don't use Farenheits. But plant after last frosts. A good temp for mj is 20-30 degrees Celsius. I suspect that your grow season (= when it's not freezing) is very long in Georgia (South). If you plant at the very beginning of the season (late Winter or early Spring), the veg. period will be very (too) long ( extra work watering), and they'll be unconcealable (big plants).
    For example, my season is mid March to Mid Novemeber. And I plant from seed in May1-15. The plants get huge already like that. I prefer indica dominant strains (grow less in veg and hardly in flowering period).
    Starting eralier won't change the moment the buds appear. They'll still approx. start budding in the middle of the summer (2-3 weeks after the males). It will just make bigger plants (more buds but stealth is #1). No greed. They have time to give you plenty!
    Finding a sunny spot is important but if if this is a guerilla grow, avoid very sunny spots with sun "from dusk till dawn". In guerilla grows, watering is the main problem so you want to reduce it max. A plant in the summer sun for several days (2-3) without water will plainly DIE (goes quickly careful). I avoid North facing spots (not enough sun: 3-4 hours) but like spots with 6-8 hours direct sun. If your plant is on a 100% Southern exposure (with Sun from East to West), just make sure it has some shade from other trees or bushes. Don't put it on top of a hill or an a hillside with direct sun for 12 hours. It will be a nightmare to keep up with the watering but you WILL have enormous buds if you can bring enough water discretely. A southern exposure also means plants are more in the open (stealth).

    Good luck and welcome to GC! Peace.

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