Kinda new. Blunts and tulips

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    Hey Im kinda a new smoker, started about a year and a bit ago, Just a few pictures of my rolling skills, Haha Jokin, and a bit of the dope i grab Its great white shark not really sure if that what it actually is But it got me stoned haha.

    Pic1:Tulip joint with ma buddy Shinobi
    2:An o
    3:Half o Nug
    4:Fourth Blunt ever rolled
    5:My first ever blunt rolled
    6:My first king sized
    7:My Buddys new Bong
    8:Second shot of mah blunt
    9:third shot

    That tulip was recent same with the bud but the rest of the pics are pretty old.

    Post some pics of joints dope and bongs everyone likes to share ;)


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  2. so which one of your real names is josh?

    might want to watch what the photos are named if you don't want certain information to be disclosed.
  3. My brothers friends phone like the sd is his so it says hes name and random people i dont know
  4. the tulip joint is way cool:D

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