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Discussion in 'General' started by themeltdown, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I have a dentist appointment later today...I'm kind of nervous that I'll go in there and I'm gonna find out that I have like ten cavities because of everything I've been eating and then falling asleep
  2. Well better you get them taken care of now, instead of waiting. Good luck.
  3. ask for the gas if you do..
    shits fun.
  4. yeah gas me up on some nitrous and i dont care how many cavities have, until the nitrous wears off and i see the bill

  5. This is very true. But man, taking care of your teeth is important, you gotta step your game up. :D
  6. Yep.

    I find that a good thing to do is brush your teeth after you smoke. It gets rid of your breath and it's a good way to develop a daily brushing habit.
  7. plus it feels AWESOME haha, it's just what happens after I brush my teeth that does the damage haha, it probably won't be that bad at all though I'm just being paranoid
  8. Good luck. When i was a kid, i had 8 cavities at once, and had em all filled. It sucked balls, but the gas was nice. Back then i would eat nothing but candy though and never brushed my teeth. Ha, i try to maintain them nowadays though.
  9. Better late than never. It's all fun and games till you need to get a root canal.
  10. prepare to pay for the consequences!

    dun dun dun....
  11. true, smokers breath is wack. i use listerine 24/7 not because i have bad breath, but because the scent of it coming off somebody else is so bad, that i dont want to have to put them through the act of smelling myne if i do in fact have it. lol.
  12. I have to start picking up flossing, i only do it roughly once a month and it seems to be the most important. Ever smelled used floss? Its foul!
    Makes me wonder how many people actually floss, someone should start that poll.

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