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Kinda melted my pipe!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GimmieMore, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. So I was sitting here bored and decided to smoke the roach of my 2nd gen j from last night. I wanted to do this the easiest way possible so I stuck it in the mouthpiece of my lil glass pipe and toked outta the carbhole. Well, I burned it too short and it got stuck inside. I tried to pull it out with tweezers but no luck. So I decided, it was mostly paper anyway, to burn it with my lighter so that maybe it would just disinigrate or something, ya know? Well it worked, but I noticed that the glass at the mouthpiece was leaning differently than before. It used to be completly round now its... *stops to look at it*... pointing down. I thought to mmelt glass you had to use a high power torch or a real fire or something. Should I be able to do this with a regula butane lighter?

    Edit: I wiped off the ash and looked closer. Now I can see that one of the stripes is standing out from the pattern a bit.... weird..... I didn't think they were still seperate... They feel smooth everywhere else.

    Oh yeah, here's the pipe
  2. it is very, very common for glass pieces to "warp" from smoking. the flame is still hot, maybe not hot enough to liquify the glass, but certainly hot enough to make it more malluable and ready for gravity to do its thing.

    i have a brand new roor, maybe 2 months old at the very most. my bowl was warping so badly that one side was drooping about 1/4 lower than the other side. eventually, while setting the bowl down on a counter top, it shattered from a tiny tap due to heat stress.

    so to answer your question, yes you probably warped your piece but dont worry, it happens a lot and i actually think its pretty coo when a piece is a little warped and shows signs of heavy use.
  3. Oh, thank you, and actually... I do like it. the stripe coming out of the flat part.... It is soooo cool. Prolly cause I'm high. I was hinking about taking the lighter to it a few more times to make some more stripes "pop", but heat stress you say? Shatter, you say?

    Meh, maybe not. i like this pipe.
  4. wow you learn something new every day - that glass has to be pretty thin though
  5. That's why I wanna get a molino mad scientist, cus all molinos are made from pyrex, plus it has that diffuser and that percolator, thats a good idea though, smoking through the carb hole, i might try it.
  6. Yea your piece looks really thin. It what happens with that type of glass. A glass screen or a pipe with thicker glass will def help.
  7. Hmm... I'm gonna get a new torch-style lighter and see what I can do with it. I can always buy a new one if I shatter it. Or smoke outta something else.

    Oh yeah, well, the roach wouldn't stay in the bowl hole like i wanted it too... so i just stuck it in another....

    Like my friend says about chicks... If the pussy's too dry, then go for a new hole.
  8. no, you shouldnt expect this actually.. boro should soften at 821 Celsius

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