kinda makes conspiracy theorists right.

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  1. There so many things that the goverment did on it's own people.
    Forgot to name what but they dropped a bunch of Mosquitos over atlanta? During ww2 to see how they would spread as a way of biological war. Sorry dont know the specifics on this.

    Just to name a few
  2. deep shit man. It just goes to show, within any power is corruption.
  3. but you cant really prove 911 even though its hella suspicious. i used to play with thermite. thats not something thats coincidentally left in a building. or easily ignited.
  4. As if this Wikipedia article has been around the whole time and no one noticed it until now.... :rolleyes:
  5. repost? my bad. :smoke:
  6. if you wanna watch a doctumentry on like 9/11 , the pentegon, and other stuff this is really good

    [ame=]YouTube - 911 Loose Change (full-length)[/ame]
  7. No, it's just that MKULTRA has been common knowledge for decades. This Wikipedia article isn't exactly a "stunning revelation" or anything.
  8. my bad. no reason to be all negative.
  9. Yea, and wiki isnt really a credible source either.
  10. MKULTRA is the tip of the iceberg.

    Many other programs similar to this are being run around the world as we speak.
  11. this is old news lol

  12. You dont have to believe wiki but like Jesse Ventura says there are documents in the public domain it's just we have to go digging to find them because the media never talks about these things.

    And it's not that they never happened that they dont talk about them let's take the non-Arabs arrested for the George Washington attempted bombing, one news coverage ever. Then gone.
  13. I finally watched Loose Change the other night and it was pretty crappy. Their theory about everything that went down with Flight 93 is laughable.
  14. ya you kinda goota be a conspirasist to believe what they say if you know what i mean. but there is some parts that make me wonder
  15. i remember watching it years ago and still laughing. how many times has that doc been debunked? :rolleyes:

  16. Idk but when they were like "One passenger on Flight 93 used his full name when he called his Mom and since no one in the world has ever addressed their Mother using their full name, it's obvious the Gov. was using a top-secret voice masking technology to pose as the passengers so they can fool the families" I was like...


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