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kinda made an ass outta myself again....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. again?
    got all this still got the kids home,eek im suuuure they will go back tomorow. " im like lets make a snowman like none other"......
    roll the first part, not too hard, bout 4feet high..damn this wet snow is heavy, get the middle section an well it musta weighed 300 were sqrewed! after much trying,an trying it just wsnt going to happen...then the smart one says" i know we can make an incline plane an roll it up there" thinking ah, we shoveled a heres the embarasing ass part we would wait for traffic to go by before we'd push, dodging cars..(people were starrin). im suuuure they were thinking nOWAY, it took us a good half hour to get the middle on, but we did.....dropped it on my sons side a few times but he's while were trying to look cool as you can dodging cars, hhhm,hhm were not building nuthin...our neighbor comes over laffin and tells me we worked waaay too hard for our man not to have a cool top hat, said he thoughrly enjoyed the show. and now lucky has somthing new to guard a 10 foot tophat wearin cool as butt,my back hurts snowman!! ole lucks been growlin and barkin at random but hasnt stopped eyebalin it.
    spose to snow agin saturday.....
  2. i hope it doesnt snow this weekend. theres a concert it would just be killed if it snowed. any other day, i hope it does snow. cool story too man.

  3. Sounds like you have been busy having fun. I hope the snow man doesn't get lucky to excited.. LOL

    We are supposed to get more snow monday.

    We are getting more rain today. We'll have more flooding for the next two days!
  4. then i think that rains movin up for a day or two....i think our snowman mingh shink but i think well make it thru the flood were supose ta get and then snow again tomorow nite and sunday........i thought 20inches was BIG but guess the real deals on its way.

    an uuuh im so sooore. wtf was i thinking?.lol
  5. ooh. an those kids a mine actually had the nerve to complain bout going to school this mornin...
  6. Just be glad your kids didn't want to make a snowWOMAN!! lol. Then that middle section would have weighed even more! lol
  7. hehe kids r great. but im not gonna have em for awhile !

  8. What else did you expect?

    having fun is the only thing they don't complain about. Most of the time anyway!
  9. hey, i happen to know yer tellin the thuth bout alaska,( not that im implying i dont believe evertythin ya'll say ;))....its colder here too :) just talked to my sis yesterday.

  10. you got 6, 7, 8 feet up in those hills...had to hear my fav bro-in-law moan bout having to drive 4 hours to snow, then blah, blah, blah...when he gets stuck....
  11. Trash cans dear, trash cans.

    I too have busted many internal organs trying to outdo the neighbors snow person. We were encountering trouble at the second level, same as you. That's when I saw the trashcan, about 20 gallon, and the light bulb came on over my head!

    Smashed the base out flat, then put about 3 trashcans full on that, 2 on the next, 1 on top. Had to get the ladder for that last one. Then the real art started, we sculpted it into it's final form. Kicked the neighbors ass, BAD! I AM THE KING OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD. (Even though there are only 4 of us!)

    Your back pain reminds me of my fav episode of the Beverly Hillbillies.

    Mrs. Jane: Jethro! You can expect to become an artist over night! Sculpting takes years and all the masters suffered terribly for their art!

    Jethro: I tell ya Mrs. Jane, when I was unloading that big ol' rock off the truck, and it rolled over my foot, I commenced doin a whole heap of sufferin!

    Enjoy your pain!:)
  12. Ha ha ha! I like how she says 'KINDA made an ass outta myself'. It usually doesn't work that way for me...either I'm looking like a dumass or you can't see me! No Kinda shit!
    I haven't been out to brave the weather - I can't take it! Although you guys have KINDA got me started. From the sounds of things I still may have my chance, too!
  13. HIGH All, *LOL* you people that have that white stuff 6mths of the year sure know how to make the most of it *LOL*.

    Nothing like seeing those red cheeks and wide eyes of our little ones when making the man of snow. I think Woodbug's maybe made two of those snow creatures and can't wait till we hit the mountains again to find another one.
  14. highya stonie....really there was no kinda about about it....we would just stop tryin to hall that 300lb of snowball an lean on it like were not killin ourselfs,,,lala were not doing nuthin stupid here......
    should seen me try to HIDE in the trees putting up christmas like at the top of a tiny 15 foot tree bending it over thinking its either gonna be reeal purtey or else ill break it..
    next snowfall were sculpting.!
  15. an like i say our neighbor said it was greeeat he watched me climb those lil trees too.ARRGGH!

    your right theres no kinda about it...i totally made an ass outta theres a nice mental picture

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