Kinda Mad That Im Circumcised

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  1. Hope this topic's okay to post, and I also hope this can be a mature discussion about an increasingly polarizing topic.
    So like most American men, I was circumcised at birth. Didn't have a choice. I've always known I was circumcised but never really thought about it. Recently though, after doing some research, I'm kind of pissed I'm circumcised.
    It seems to me that the reasons for being circumcised, outside of religious aspects, aren't at all compelling. Health differences appear to be negligible, and the whole "uncut dicks aren't clean" narrative seems silly since you can just clean it in the shower or something. I guess the main reason I'm happy to be circumcised is that a lot of girls in America are grosses out by uncircumcised dicks-- but that speaks more toward ignorance/immaturity of some women than any actual issue with it in my eyes. They just "look weird", and I agree that they do. But is that really enough to slice off skin off a baby's penis? Like, really?
    This isn't some huge issue in my life, but it's something I've been thinking about lately. Just kind of bothers me I had a part of me removed without having any say.
    So what do you all think about this? Interested to hear from anyone on this who has an opinion. 

  2. im american and uncircumcised, only time it can really be a issue is when im takin a piss
  3. I hear where you're coming from, but it's the norm nowadays in the US. I'm glad I'm cut because I imagine that it would get sweaty on hot days if I were uncut and that would feel gross haha
    And I also think that uncut dicks look weird as fuck

    --Ride the tiger, you can see his stripes but you know he's clean!--
    well then...may as well enjoy it...(stop before you go blind though) :laughing:
  5. I doubt they "look weird" when you're hard, and that's what a woman will be seeing -_-
    I wish I hadn't been cut either man, it really sucks. I feel like sex would be on another level.
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    Hey guys I'm American but born in Europe so I escaped the butchering. And yes sex Is better for you and her the foreskin gives a ribbed condom feeling for her and can stimulate g spot. In the world only Jews ands Americans really circumcise I wonder why that is and how the Americans can to adopt this gully Jewish custom no racism or anything I just find it curious.
  7. I'm not really mad that I'm circumcised, but I certainly won't do it to any sons I ever have.

    I don't see how male circumcision is much better than female circumcision. Its still mutilation. You're still robbing someone of a natural piece of themselves when it should be their choice
  8. When my son was born I had a few hours to think about it

    I thought about what if the doctor slipped when he did it. Poor boy hahahah

    But yea
    I decided to do it. Why not? Plus I didn't want my kid to be the only one with no head on his snake in the shower lmao
    So be greatful. Growing up, Some kid in my gym class wasn't cut and he always got his ass kick man
  9. Wonder how this circumcision thread will go. I'm cut and happy btw.
  10. I had a teacher in school.. well.. awhile ago now ;-)
    That said it's become progressively less common to not only ask but.. suggestively so.. whether you want it done or not..
    If the parents of a male baby bring it up themselves great.. if not.. so be it..
    I'm not actually sure if it's ever come to that point but damn.. given the choice I wouldn't have gone for cut either..
  11. nope, I'll keep my not-gross-looking dick
  12. why would you be mad about missing skin that you can't even remember? my dick is uncircumsized and i am sure it's no different than a dick that is.
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    If my parents hadn't chose to circumcise me I would be feeling a whole range of emotions and a whole lot of pain.


    That would be because of the adult circumcision though.
  14. I also have a circumcision scar that's kind of embarrassing. Not a very big deal, but it just does seem that this whole thing is unnecessary. 
  15. I would have liked to have no been circumcised against my knowledge, but think of this. It would be hard to get a spontaneous blowjob with a sweaty tool, always have to wash before your girl wants to do mouth work.
  16. Paralyzed Horse always comin with that realness. 
    How could you possibly know this is the case when you're cut? You're talking out of your ass mate. I keep myself clean and I don't have issues like you're stating here.
  18. Yeah are you going to complain that you have the last name you have? You had no choice in that either. The only thing I don't like about circumcision is that they do not give an infant any pain killer because "he won't remember it". My son screamed when they circumcised him. Kinda pissed me off.
  19. I'm glad I was just because it's the norm now. Gonna get my future kids cut too unless the future wife is against it.

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