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Kinda funny text convo

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mafia93, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I Couldn't stop laughing when my friend was texting me a few days ago

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  2. wayy to small to read
  3. hahaha that dudes fuckin para. i remember when i used to get that paranoid, when i was a newbie haha, fuck.

  4. Open it in a new tab, should help.
  5. Yeah he was just having a panic attack
  6. lmao, happens to the best of us. I remember one 4/20 i texted my friend shit like that saying I'm done smoking weed because i took like 10 bong rips. But i came back eventually :D

    question: how did you take a screenshot of your phone like that?
  7. That's pretty fuckin funny man

    I wish I could get that high still
    but life is too nice when I'm high to take time off
  8. haha poor guy.
    make him hit the blunt once next time you see him and he'll get used to it.
  9. Everyone says they wish they could get that high, but it's clearly not enjoyable.
  10. LOl i remember my first time i smoked an eighth to the face because i didntknow how much i needed to get the full effect.

  11. I have an Android phone (HTC EVO 4G) and there's an app in the market place that lets you take screenshots. I had to take a shitload and splice them all together in PS though.
  12. Haha scared kid
  13. hahah it was funny then it got hilarious when you told him to smoke after his tooth problem haha! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

  14. lmfao, I was being completely serious when I said that, and then I looked at it and I lol'd
  15. At least you get his shit hahahaha.

  16. I'm not gonna take his shit until I let him have some time to decide for real lol.

    But yeah, I could use a bowl ;P
  17. W8 he sold you a half-O for 5 bucks??:eek: or half a bowl for 5 bucks? :confused:

    and heart attack from weed??:laughing: and your friends hydrocodone is an opiate derivative not Cocaine xD!!
  18. No, I haven't bought it yet. I think he grabbed 1/8 or something. (Pic Attached) he said 5 for the weed and 5 for his brand new bowl lmfao.

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  19. Yupp :) Prob why he was tripping so hard.

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