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  1. So this one time (lets say 6 or 7 years ago) me and four friends were walking threw the woods to this sick tree house we know about that was in a state forest. We all brought some herb, a smoking device, and a role of seran wrap. We used the seran wrap to wrap the tree house so it was completely air tight except for the door on the floor (cause it was windy that day). The door was just a 2 foot by 2 foot square cut in the floor. So the 5 of us are all sitting so our legs are hanging out the door, and we passed the bong around. It was one of my friends brand new bong that he had just bought that day, and we also had one or two joints in circulation at the same time. So we are all joking about who is going to drop his new bong, and finaly guess what happened? Someone dropped the bong, who saw that comming? Now the tree house wasnt that tall and the bong was pretty thick, so had it landed on the grass (it was mostly grass around the tree) it might not have broke. So when he drops it everything gets quite as it is falling, and its like time just slows down as it is falling befor it hit the ground (probably because I was high). And when this thing lands on the rock it makes the loudest freakin glass on rock shattering sound I have ever herd. we all laughed so hard (except of corse for the guy who had just bought the thing). We still had a few pipes and fattys so we kept smoking for another hour. That was just a memerable moment I have from hishschool, thought I would share it.
  2. UMM HAI, when does miserable = kinda funny Huuuu
  3. I feel displeased and upset now.
  4. The humor in this story was mostly not there.
  5. Thats why I said "kinda" funny story, you had to be there.
  6. Thats not funny I just read that a bunch of stoners were smoking out of their friends new bong. The very fact that the guy was nice enough to let the new bong leave his house...was nice. Then you guys broke it and thought it was funny! If I was that guy someone probably the one who dropped it would be buying me a new bong of equal or greater value!
  7. Well I have only ever broken one glass pipe that wasnt mine (I tried to swat a be but I missed and swatted the pipe right out of my own hand), and I paid for it right there $35. But at the time it was kinda funny we were hi, u had 2 b there.
  8. i'd be pissed if i was that kid who's bong you broke. i'd probably end up punching whoever dropped it in the face and demanding a new bong.
  9. I think its weird that after 6yrs you just so randomly decided to share this thinks this happened more recently than one would think.
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    No dude, I was in high school when this happened like junior year and im 21 now (22 next mounth). I just thought of this and decided to post it. Some memory that I have had for a long ass time cuase that was a realy awsum night, it wasnt a super expensive bong or anything, and it was just funny the fact that we almost seemed to know someone was going to drop it cause for about to hours we were joking about it almost taking bets on who would drop it first (and wether it would survive the fall or not cuase it was pretty thick glass).
  11. It's just an innocent story people, there's no need to criticize.
  12. I think that's hilarious hahaha
    I saw it coming right as you said "We decided to smoke with all our legs dangling out the door"-thought to myself, who drops it?

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