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  1. this is my first blog and this happened to me. Me n 3 friends were smokn at our house and we decided we wanted to cruise and smoke. Well while we were driving the munchies started kicking in so we decided 2g2 this mexican fast food place called viva. we go to viva but the blunt we had was only half done so we hot boxed in the parking lot oh and its like 330 in the afternoon and viva is a place that every1 goes to. We finished smokn cracked the car windows and went inside reeking of weed and my friend only had enough spray for us to get 1 pump each. While we're orderin the lady was joking saying that we were smelling the place up like mota and have the munchies and some stuff but yeah we ordered and sat down. Right when we finished a cop car pulls n2 the parking lot and we were thinking maybe their just turning around but no not only were they comn in they parked right next to our car with the cracked windows and still little smoke comn out. my friend yells S#!t the cops are here but we wanted our food and it wasn't ready yet. When the cops came we look liked suspects like we put our heads down nd tried to spary as much of the spray we could get out and the lady at the register made comments like 'looks like some other people got the munchies huh we got some of that right now.' this not only messed my high up I got real paranoid cuz then the cops start looking our way and whispering and looking outside at the car. Me and my friends r freaking out (we're all girls) saying we should leave but we hadnt even gotn our food yet. Which brings the lady to say our orders are ready right when the cops are ordering and you have to pick the food up. So we were so scared that if we went to pick the food up the cops were gonna smell us and ? us and search the car find weed and arrest us. We ate so fast and hid our faces from the cops who were sitting kinda next to us. you would think we would be scared straight after that but we just smoke 2 js on the way home

  2. haha good story. this happened to me as well, i was paranoid that one of the customers was complaining of how we smelled inside. this was after we ordered our food, and he went up to the cashier and started arguing about something. lol that must have been real scary with cops !!:)

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