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    im using that table to plan out the nutes to give to my plants but im confused about something......when it says "reservoir changes"it means you add the amount of nutes specified above to cover one one week of growth... for example where it says "3 reservoir changes" it means that the amount of nutes specifed covers 3 weeks of growth also i have another i need a ppm meter, and a ph balance kit??? or is this just for more experienced growers wanting to keep there plants perfect....ohh just for reference im using a powergrower eco single plant bubble bucket with the included flora series nutes
  2. yes, number of weeks..
    it says "*Or number of weeks for each growth stage"
    and yes ph is very important, without the proper ph the plants wont be able to take in the nutes they need.
    sounds like you have a nice set up, good luck with your grow.......
  3. thank you very much i love grass city <3 lol
  4. no problem brother, just here to help.........
  5. i wouldnt see why not. though i dont have any personal experience with that kit..........
  6. what kit would you recommend?
  7. get an aquarium style tester. they are cheap and reliable.

    When buying pH test kits (the aquarium style), be sure to purchase the wide range test kits. The wide range ones tend to have a test range from about 4.0 - 9.0

    try your local walmart.
  8. If you plan on doing hydroponics, it is better to get a good ph/ppm pen or meter so you are totally dialed in on your ph. The vial/drops kit gets you close/but with hydro, you want to be exact. With a soil grow, it is a bit more forgiving, and the drops are adequate.

    I know how expensive getting a system set up can be. There are some decent pens on ebay for a good price, and it is well worth the investment to keep your grow dialed in. I just recently spent a couple of hundred bucks on a good combo meter, so I really can't recommend a specific pen thats a good deal. Hopefully one of our other grower friends can weigh in with some advice for you in that regard.
  9. ya i was checkin them out last night(i work overnights at walmart as a maintenance associate:eek:) but thats what i was thinking as getting as a substitute
  10. cool man, i used to work at wallyworld myself, in the tire lube express department. gotta love the extra 10% off employee discount.:)
    yeah the aquarium testers are cheap and they do work. I know people that use em and have nice crops. maybe later on down the road you could invest in a high tech 150 to 200 dollar meter, but for now an aquarium tester will work.
    good luck with your grow, keep her green.............

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