Kinda Busted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Frankiesajakazz, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Me and my friend Jarrett were going to his place of work to talk to his manager on the way a guy i know named bagg started asking for spare change i had lots of alcohol with me and he had a lil bit of weed with him ( dime bag ) so i gave him a lil alcohol for the weed on the way to my house we got stoped by a cop for being out past curfew we both had backpacks on and the cop wanted to search so i said i aint gonna lie i got mad alcohol with me he started to go through my bag while he was doing that i put my bowl and the weed in a mcdonalds cup and sat it on the ground by a tree needless to say i had to pour the alcohol but... i kept the weed due to him not looking in my cup i went back 20mins later and got my weed and bowl back
  2. Shits thsts awsome with the weed man, like the time me and my friend were getting busted for shoplifting, the cop was searching him and I put 3 dimes in the trash, came back later and got them back.
  3. woo way to go on gettin out of that one. getting busted for weed would surely have been a hard one to explain.
  4. i mean u having a curfew
  5. i came close last night of geting busted i was at my frinds hose and we all wear smoking aboght 13 people thary and thary was alot of weed and than the phone rang and thary dad got it and he came runing in and he told all of us the cop's wear up the road wching us and than all of asuden thary thay wer thay had dogs and thary was three pople that ran throw the woods thay got thary ass chewd up and that gave me the chanc and afraind to run we made it . i spent all night in the woods it suked

  7. man that would have been scary as hell, i swear i would have started to trip so bad running into walls and trees and shit lol

  8. I AGREE!

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