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  1. So I have a few tats proble 10-12 hours worth of work and I wanted to do a koi leg sleeve so I give the picture to my artist his says I gotta pay 20 for the drawing cause it will consume a lot of his time. No big deal this first pic is what I gave him to draw second pic is what he drew I have a right to be pissed don't ya think now keep in mind this is a $800+ piece.

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  2. koi for $800?

    are you going to horiyoshi III?

    or someone real famous?
  3. koi for $800?

    are you going to horiyoshi III?

    or someone real famous?
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    Yea $800 it's a half leg sleeve from knee to ankle tatts aren't cheap you pay for what you get. And I have to see impressive work to let someone put ink on me shits permanent

    My bad man that sounded like I was being a dick but I wasn't trying to

  5. oh a whole half sleeve.

    i thought it was just a simple koi.

    lol.. i know wut chu mean bruh. i got both my legs done.

    its an expensive hobby but im inlove with the needles//ink.

    definitely try and shop around tho bruh.

    make sure u dont get locked in with the first artist you see.


    is it just goin to be a koi with background (traditional japanesE?)

    or american/traditional?
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    Yea I have had the ink addiction for a few years. It's hard to find a quality shop around here major university city all the shops seem to care about is doing as much work as possible and not putting out quality pieces. I may wait for a few months and go to my regular guy in Florida he does better work and for the same if not less money. He's one of the few artist that knows everybody ain't rich. And I'll probably go traditional Japanese

  7. there you go bruh.

    id say go with someone you like and already trust.

    show us some pics of wut u end up gettin tho.

    you should add some flowers on there bruh.

    just some suggestions.

    nd what are your plans for the background?
  8. FUCK that hell yes you have a right to be pissed!
  9. I dont see why he had to make it so plain the koi you gave him is probly the coolest koi Ive ever seen. I wouldnt do it he strikes me as a lazy artist. Maybe hes bored of doing kois but still the one he drew up is lame. Where do u live maybe I can suggest some places if your near me at all.
    Edit: just saw you live near florida so I cant help lol. Unless you hit up miami ink
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    That's the thing that's his first koi piece so you think he would want to do a good job for his portfolio and I live in tenn now.
  11. What shop are you getting it done in TN (also where I live)

    You're probably better off finding an artist that works with you more. Don't do it if you're the slightest bit unsure about your artist. Like another poster said, his koi looks way too oversimplified; either through lack of effort or sub-par abilities. It looks like something I could pencil together in less than 10 mins. I don't know why he's charging you for "time spent on it"
  12. some if not most artist usually charge you for the first draw.

    that way they know that youre serious about gettin the tattoo.

    specially since theres so many people who wants em to draw somethin then they never comeback.

    this way if you dont want to comeback cuz u found another artist or wutever..

    his time spend drawing wouldnt be wasted.
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    Yea but to charge me for time spent and he drew something 100% different than what I gave him
  14. I understand that but exactly how much time was spent on that drawing is the question in issue. All I can say is I hope the artist is an absolute beast with the colors and shading to make up for the lackluster design.
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    Idk he called me like 2 1/2 weeks after I gave him the picture. And he did do one on my forearm and the shading is great no touch up needed on it after 7-8 months but I'm not going to him if he can't draw what I give him.

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