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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by lotuis, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Well here t all went. I went to one of my classes today and like always sat there and let my mind wander, so than my friend came to class and had a mighty tasty smoothy with him and i asked"so what flaver is that" he said "well its a
    banana, strawberry and shroom smoothy. ha i laughed and than he took out this sweet book called The Big Book of Buds so i started to look at it and than put it in my bag cause the teach started to come over and came directly to me and said"let me see that book in you bag" and than i said its nothing and started to close my bag, as i was closing it he reaches down and snags it, looks through it and sais "im taking this and giving it to the princeble". ahhhhh fuck yo teacher i was thinking so after class i went and f'ing begged to get it back. NO that didnt help so tomarow i have to go talk to the princeble to get it back. I was pretty pissed of at him. oh by the way my friend had a quarter in the smoothy
  2. how fucking idiot. A book is knowledge, whatever the knowledge,one cannont be charged for having a book.

    how low is the system in the us ??.

    (oh yeah I remember, there was a time when having a red car was very dangerous.. haha things don't change after all.)
  3. uhm just say if you dont give the book back you'll sue the school for violating your 1st amendment rights and I'm sure they would be more than happy to give it back to you ;P
  4. in other post we see that cops also...

    hihi since we know the president doesn't either, we have:

    The US of A: crapy rulles that nobody follows...

    but still goin' ...
  5. that sucks, but i must disagree that its not part of your first amendment rights to have a book about marijuana in school. naturally, schools have the right to forbid you to do things that they consider "innapropriate," so they ARE allowed to confiscate it, BUT im pretty sure they have to give it back at some point, after all, it is your property. they will probably give it back, but they will also probably call your parents or something.
  6. Shoulda pulled out one of your school books and said it was that.
  7. i doubt pulling another book would have worked, the teacher obviously saw the book and had a set goal in mind. they have to give it back at some point, it may be the end of the school year however. if all else fails pull the pregiduce card, mention that at one time it was illegal for women to vote, just because something is illegal dosn't mean that it is wrong. besides it isn't like you were doing anything wrong, you were reading a book. but above all don't loose your temper. that always ends badly.
  8. certain things teachers don't like in their pupils. like not paying attention in class. so if you you brought any extra curricular reading material, i'm not surprized it got seized. when the subject matter in addition was that of an illegal / immoral activety (from the teachers point of view) for a high school kiddie to be involved in, i'm not surprised either that she/he handed the book over to the principal. who i suspect is also going to inform your parents.

    so what have we learned today... to keep something secret from someone else, one does not put oneself in a situation where the secret might get blown.

  9. It's a shame she took it. I've spent hours looking through that same book, drooling. Amazing pictures of different strains grown practically perfect. Lots of valuable information for cultivators, I recommend it if you're growing!
  10. Jesus christ it was stupid to be reading that in class. That deserved to be taken away.
  11. I can understand how someone could argue using the first ammendment right card..but then again, i can also see how inapropriate it would be for a student to have a drug book in class...

    is this a private school?....did the teacher solely take it because it was about drugs? or because the fact that it was a pot book was disrupting the curriculim...

    IMHO i say save that shit for the weekends..just go to class stoned and everything should be fine

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