kinda a lame question for this forum but....

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, May 18, 2010.

  1. ok i am obsessing over a celebrity (mainly when i am high) anyways i like obsessing its perty fun.

    so my question is, is it possible to book a celebrity if you are a no one (i say no one cause i dont own a company or anything else)

    if i got the money wich i dont right now but id sell my plasma and 360 and hell my car to book this woman she

    Emma Stone (III) this is her here is the booking log doohiky Emma Agent, Manager and PR Firm, Emma Speaker Appearance, Emma Booking Fee Costs for Corporate Events and Endorsements i have no clue what that means so if i rais the 5 grand can i book her if i am a no one???

    and yes i know i am probly gonna catch alota crap for this but hey i am high right now i dont care and i just want somone to explain that booking doohiky to me :D
  2. god damn anyone else notice The Pirate Bay is down? lame
  3. ???? wtf is piratebay?
  4. Hahahaha, sorry to laugh man, it's not directed at you really I'm just BAKED and that idea is hilarious.

    An actress isn't just gonna show up for 5 grand. Trrrrrrrust me.

    I mean hows it gonna look comin from her agent?

    "Oh yeah, Emma, I found you a gig for 5k, this random guy just want's you to show up at his house."

    Not really gonna look legit.. sketchy as hell if anything. No offense.

    Good try tho man.
  5. I know Russian Oligarchs often book celebs for "personal appearances", but those guys have unbelievable amounts of money to throw around.

  6. lol no offence takin from you laughing i am perty baked right now to and even i found this a funny question (i am talkin a round of golf or gettin some local biz to help out tho :D

    and yea those russians got way to much money to throw around wish i had half of the money that one would have lol
  7. You could probably get Lindsey Lohan for $5,000.
  8. well then i guess i better get high and invent somthing lol jk thanks tho for the realvint comment =] i know its a dumb question but i am perty high and honestly i would have a heartatak if emma even talked to me online lol:rolleyes:
  9. lol well i guess she would be close enof to emma but that is still a quaddrillion (yes its a real numba lol) miles away from emma
  10. the chick from superbad? are you gonna try to kidnap her or something? lol

  11. holly shit!!!! you found out my darkest secret!!!! not even my best friend can figure this out!!!! yup the chick from superbad
  12. reagrdless of who you are, if you have enough money, or weed, im sure you could get any celebrity to come to your party or what have you. i think the hardest part would be actually getting ahold of them or theyre agent or whateva whateva i do what i want
  13. hmm that would be fucking awesome smoking up emma now then i truly would die of happines
  14. Money is the answer. If you have enough money you can get access.

    Or you could contract a fatal illness and hope the Make a Wish Foundation picks up your cause.

  15. well since i am still high i will go with number 2 where can i get that kinda illness lol:hello::D
  16. Probably by sleeping with Lindsey Lohan. I'm pretty sure that skanky ho is a walking germ factory by now.
  17. MY GOD THIS IS WHY I LOVE GRASS CITY!!!! fucking brillent man :hello:

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