Kind soil, new growth yellowing

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  1. Growing in a closet box with a computer fan for exhausting air. Using a mars hydro 48 reflector.
    2 plants right now.
    1 auto fem white widdow
    1 auto fem northern lights

    I am using kind soil with happy frog on top. If you are not familiar with kindsoil it is a ready to use hotsoil that is meant to be placed at the bottom of the pot so that the roots grow into it when they finish the nutes in happy frog soil on top. Visit kindsoil’s website to learn more...

    Temp stays between 75-80 with %50-%60 humidity. I transplanted them from styrofoam cups into the net pots at 8 days and watered them well. This is day 14 and soil is still not completely dried out. From the research i have done it looks like these symptoms could be from overwatering and causing nutrient lockout?

    I think mixing in more perlite would help with airation of the soil and help it dry quicker in the future.

    The plants are much worse than in this picture. All new growth is bright yellow. Starting in the middle of the leaves. Yellow spots are spreading.

    I am not sure if these plants can recover because the issue is getting worse. I will post more pictures later tonight.

    Any expert advice is appreciated. Thanks IMG_5603.JPG

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  2. I was not familiar the Kind soil.
    I tried going to their front page from Google; I got a error 451.
    "In computer networking, HTTP 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons is an error status code of the HTTP protocol to be displayed when the user requests a resource which cannot be served for legal reasons, such as a web page censored by a government."
    I got ON their site, but I get 451 errors.
    That's a new one on *ME*.
    Legal issues, eh?
  3. Not sure. Every time i try their site works for me IMG_5631.JPG

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