Kind Pen Truva Mini+ (Review)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TbonePdx, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. I recently purchased this from the KindPen website. I'm extremely disappointed. I was hoping someone else could chime in with their experiences, but I can't seem to find many reviews online yet. And I tried searching the forum with negative results. Here's my review. Any corroboration or otherwise would be helpful:

    "I’ll update as I go, but so far I am very disappointed in this vape. Physically, it’s constructed fairly well and has a nice feel in your hand. There are however a few chrome edges that are rough around the edges (literally) and otherwise detract from the overall smoothness and high-tech feel of the rest of the product. The pen does heat up very quickly though. I also like the magnetic cap that covers the mouthpiece. Speaking of mouthpieces, this mouthpiece gets VERY hot. Too hot to have your lips touch after the first pull, which is a HUGE fail. Seriously, it’s too hot to use after the first pull unless you replace the mouthpiece after every hit (it comes with three, which is nice). Also, even with a completely filled “oven” I’m not getting the full medicinal benefits compared to other vaporizers I’ve tried. I’ve tried packing it hard, loosely packing, fine ground, coarse ground, half full vs. full, etc. Heck, even my little glass pipe hits much harder than this. I feel like I’m not getting enough medical benefits for the amount of herb I’m using, quite contrary to other vaporizers I’ve owned which tend to maximize usage. Oddly, the manual keeps stating over and over the importance of using the included charger but this pen does not come with a charger, it comes with a very short USB cable only. The included poker/packer is nice but what would have made it great is if there was some way to attach or hide it within the pen since you have to use it every time you load or unload it. I’m fairly certain it will get constantly misplaced or lost. The included brush for cleaning the oven was a nice thought, but the tip doesn’t have any bristles on it so the brush only cleans the sides of the oven, not the bottom, and the metal at the tip of the brush will scratch the ceramic bowl after a few cleanings. Also, the battery indicator isn’t very accurate. The display still showed I had two bars left when it went dead, without any warning. It does quickly though, in just a few hours. I like the location of the on/off button. Three quick presses turns it on, three quick presses turns it off. If you want to “lock” the temperature in so you won’t accidentally touch the temperature + and – buttons, you press the on/off buttons once (read: you’ll do this EVERY time because the temperature buttons are touch-capacitive and can’t be easily avoided when handling the pen). I’m not sure why the wouldn’t be the default, and as such you have to lock it in every time you turn it on. It does remember the last used temperature after powering it off, which is nice.
    Overall, the unit seems handsomely constructed and mostly easy to operate. But the hot mouthpiece, neurotic battery indicator, and the overall poor performance and the minimal amount of medicine it extracts from your herb is what gets it an unsatisfactory rating for me."

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