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Kind of want to give my mom a pot brownie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Havok Se7en, May 5, 2011.

  1. Do you think I should do it?

    She doesn't know much about weed, even after I have explained it to her many many times about the little risks involved with it. However she is still against it because it is "illegal".

    So what I was thinking of just saying that a friend gave them to me, and then give her a small amount so she could experience a small high, and then maybe I could say that I felt it too, and then tell her that there was marijuana in it. So hopefully she'd ease up about it.

    What do you think?
  2. I think if you do do it, dose the brownies VERY low. Edibles can be too much for an experienced smoker. So I'd be careful, if I didn't know it and someone gave me an edible I'd probably end up in the hospital
  3. i would make some normal brownies and give your mom the whole pot one. go smoke a bowl/eat a brownie on your own. come back and enjoy the show
  4. wanna a brownie...

    ...ok son....:hippie:
  5. I would NOT do that. Only give her one if she wants to try it. I seriously believe it'd back fire and she'd be even more against it.

    Would you like it if someone put something in your food or drink that you didn't want? No.
  6. Of course man, I'd test it myself to make sure that she would just get enough to make her feel good. She's a hard worker and I feel like she'd benefit from it, I don't want it to scare her more.
  7. edibles are a great start for a non experience smoker imo.
    I think it's because of the stealthness of the high they get.
    like when I smoke I expect the high to be there as soon as I smoke it.
    but the high I get from eating some concentrated edibles are unknown, and it kicks whenever it wants to.
    so they'll never know that they're experiencing high all they know is just that they feel great.
  8. No. Easiest way to set someone 100% against something is to force them to try it. Plus, I'm pretty sure your mom is going to be incredibly angry you drugged her. Hell I'm about 90lb heavier than my mom but if I gave her a pot brownie she would kill me, literally.
  9. Don't do that. If someone doesn't want to do something, don't trick them into doing it.
  10. You little punk. How about you show some respect for your mother? You're drugging her without her consent? Yeah you really love her. I swear people have no respect these days, it's all about what they want, and nothing else.
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  11. Dude listen, don't do it. Ask her if she would like to TRY a brownie. If she still doesn't want to get high then she doesn't want to get high..
  12. We she has told me several times that she has never smoked anything in her life, and the only time she has drunk/drank (<-i dont know which word it is) would be a little bit of wine with dinner.

    So I don't think she's had any traumatic experiences with it, she was really sheltered growing up.
  13. Yea drugging your mom w/o her knowing is a great idea go for it...very respectful
  14. still sounds like a horrible idea.... imagine you had never tried drugs in your life and then all of sudden ur high as fuck and you have no idea why. she will freak the fuck out and it will only make her hate drugs more.... not to mention thats a fucked up thing to do to ur own mom. :rolleyes:
  15. If you give your own mother a pot brownie against her knowledge you're an asshole.
    If you expect her to come down and go "yes son, that's totally fine" you're sorely mistaken. Lots of people react differently, and edibles create a very intense high. I personally would freak the shit out if I had never done it before and was caught my surprise.

    Just smoke a bowl in your room and let her believe what she wants.
  16. For real man you're fucking reckless
  17. Whether you & your mom has a very good friendship she's still your MOTHER!
  18. Man, use your brain... If you had never done any kind of drug and all of a sudden you were blazed as hell, what would you think? You'd probably think you were insane. What else could possibly change your thought process so drastically if you haven't knowingly done anything to cause a change?
  19. i say do it im curious as fuck how this would play out and from my experience edibles dont really trip you out or w/e unless either you eat too many or the weed u use with them is really potent and if you do really do it makes sure of 2 things 1) make sure your mom doesnt go out driving or has anything to do outside of the house for the day and 2) make sure u hide or get rid of all ur weed and or smoking items because if she finds out u did it she gonna be on yo ass
  20. Suppose you had a friend who did cocaine and you were very against it, so he found it necessary to throw some coke on your nug so you might "ease up" about it. How do YOU think you would feel about it? I for one would be fucking pissed! Show some respect, don't ever consider pulling shit like this on anyone. None the less your own mother!

    EDIT: Not trying to compare cocaine to weed, just tryin to make a point.

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