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Kind of scared with this dank stuff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FoxMulder, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I can smoke a whole blunt to the face no problem. But, my friend rolled a blunt of this high quality shit just today and handed it to me for later. I've gotten baked out of my skull on this shit with only half a bowl, but a whole blunt? Wow man. This is gonna be hard. But im going to do it.
  2. dont waste it, smoke till happy then save the rest.
  3. Lol, don't stress yourself and do something that you might not enjoy. Smoking herb is about enjoying life, not who can take the most THC before you shit your pants.
  4. Just smoke some, and put it out carefully. Save that bad boy.
  5. You don't have to smoke all of it... Save some for later. If it's as strong as you say it is, get high off of it multiple times rather than just once.
  6. invite some friends
  7. It just feels so amazing this stuff. Never had shit this good before. And we plan to go to the woods and smoke it.
  8. dome the whole thing man!
  9. Fucking this. :smoking:

  10. I'm not hip i guess... What does dome mean? I only know this term as it refers to oral sex...??:confused:
  11. fuck blunts. pack that shit.
  12. you should the whole blunt

  13. yup...
  14. Cut it open and fill up your bowl if that's all it takes you to get high then it's a waste to smoke a blunt you will green out and probably waste a lot of it sitting there spacing out while it burns.
  15. save it for multiple bong hits
  16. unroll that blunt and pack it in a bowl man! smoke all of it

  17. To smoke only by yourself.

    On topic though, dome that shit :smoke:
  18. Never fear your weed man. Just attack it full force!
  19. Uh.. the more weed you smoke the cooler you are man?

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