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Kind of scared driving high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iceman420, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hey, I smoke occasionally for the past 2 years now, never daily. sometimes never for months. I don't consider myself much of a smoker. but i just got a high an hour ago from some reg. Now I'm a 4-6 on a scale of 10(10 being the highest). I over the past learned how to control my high and just blend with the people around me, and no one ever notices.

    I've only been driving for around 1 and a half. I just got my license. I NEVER DROVE high in my life, but something came up, so i might have to in an hour or so. I'm kind of nervous. I never drove high, and I'm not a bad driver though. Like I'm alway extra safe on the road(sober obviously), and just try to avoid any accidents. I don't speed either.

    Im nervous because i don't want my fears to get the best of me, such as bumping into another car and dealing with that shit.

    Should I drive?
  2. you're the only one who knows if you can physically drive. you might just be mind fucking yourself.

    put in some eye drops and you should be fine. youll be more cautious since your paranoid & most of the time i find myself driving under the speed limit while blazed....

    cruise control is your friend.
  3. Driving high is irresponsible.
    No matter how many people say they do it well, they probably don't do it as well as they think they do...and considering a reality check could be anything from a ticket, to road rage, to an accident that incurs injury or death I don't think it's really worth it.
  4. I've been driving high and hotboxing for 4 years and never had a problem. I guess it might depend on your tolerance?

    Drinking and driving is the real problem. That shit kills thousands of people all the time.
  5. I drive high probably more than sober. It's not particularly hard, just keep calm. Occasionally I start to panic, but it's just a heavy mindfuck, and I can calm myself down. This is the key to driving while baked. Go for a short little spin and sort of get your bearings. :)
  6. The ability to drive high tends to vary from person to person, we can't tell you what to do buddy. It's up to you if you think you can drive. If you're genuinely worried then don't do it. Don't put yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable.
  7. lmao, you ever smoke weed bro, lmao at road rage

    i get so chill and drive really cautious when i am high. i don't recommend driving, but sometimes you gotta run an errand or get to the disc golf course.
  8. I never understand how people couldn't drive high ....

    maybe if you were an absolute beginner ..

    but every time I have to drive somewhere , I toke up a bowl , been doing it since I can remember ..
  9. If you're not comfortable with it don't do it, people on here love to believe driving high is basically driving sober but if you're really baked and you do get into an accident or something, you're asking for trouble. Something really tiny if you're sober could be something really shitty.
  10. the first time i drove i was high lol.

    learned to drive high, now i can drive sober or high fine. also learned to drive in a big ass pickup truck so i can drive almost anything while high lol
  11. Stop on red, go on green, Anyone else had the opposite experience?
  12. I drove high for the first time on Friday. Pretty nerve wracking. Plus I thought I went too far down a road even though I only passed 2 lights, instead of like 8ish that I needed to... lol

  13. Yeah, I've smoked I know that you're probably confused...what I meant was potential road rage occurring from people that might get annoyed at stoners trying to drive, and doing so in an overly slow and illogical way.
    If it can happen when you've done nothing, it can happen when you're stoned.
  14. I think its a bad idea and irresponsible. I smoked dank before and I know I couldn't do it
  15. OP here, it wasn't that bad. Considering the fact that I wasn't really "peaking" I was just slowly coming down, and i was calm. Didn't make that much of a difference to be honest, but definitely more enjoyable.

    I am though, more cautious, which is some what irritating to my father. Not saying he doesn't want me to be safe, but thinks that I don't need to wait longer than i usually do at turns or what not. It's frustrating because his pressure isn't helping me at all.

    Other than that, my tennis game was somehow better. I wasn't too high, and i was more quick than usually.

    Other than that, driving high was great. It would be more, driving buzzed i suppose. The reason it was probably nerve racking for me in the beginning was probably because I never really believe in any type of "under the influence" driving.
  16. Driving high is fun, you have full control of the vehicle. I smoked a 2g joint of blue dream with my friend and had to drive 10 minutes later. I was seeing spots of light and my feet and legs were like jello, twitching randomly. But the second I was in the vehicle driving, it was just like driving sober. Except that the headlights (it was at night) looked like god rays
  17. Don't do it if you don't feel comfortable. Most of it is in your head anyway. If you're not confident in your ability, it probably won't end well.
  18. Your the only one who knows your abilities and how you handle yourself.

    For me, driving baked is one of my favorite things to do. When i was a senior i would smoke a bowl or six every morning before i drove to school, it doesnt effect me what so ever. My absolute FAVORITE is riding motocross or street bikes blazed, Everyday me and a few buddies will hop on CRFX's and WR's and have a nice bong sesh, then cruise for hours EVERYWHERE and usually find a nice place to chill and have a few L-papes, then go back home. Nothin better than sitting in the truck with 2-3 of your absolute best friends cruising with some J's and music at ANY time of the day, weed makes driving FUN.

    i absolutely hate it when non-tokers tell you that you can't drive on weed cause your going to crash or that you are "driving under the influence". Just shut the fuck up, weed makes driving fun, and doesnt make it tough at all. Half the time im in my truck going through the neighboorhood at like 45kmh I feel like im a goddamn nascar driver, that feeling you got after you sat behind the wheel for the first time after writing your exam, except you know what the fuck your doing.

    I love weed :)
  19. 4 Days after I got my license, it was 4/20. Lets just say I got stoned as shit, yet I had no problem driving.
  20. If you just typed all of that you're fine

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