Kind of my first grow log with a pc grow box

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    I built this my self, was quite fun and cheap.

    My plant on this day is 23 days old.

    They are Easyryder in soil, very basic soil and just fed tap water.

    I had a problem when I first gave it nutrients (liquid) i think I gave it too much and the bottom two sets of leaves went crispy and fell off, during this time the top sets of leaves went literally vertical and burnt them selves!

    So I fixed the problem by flushing out the soil, aswell as this adding more soil as I defo dont think there was enough soil for the plant. Even now the plant pot is very small. Judge for your self. When I took the plant there was a few roots at the bottom of the dirt etc.

    On with the pics.

    Day 1 Notice how low soil level is

    Day 2

    Day 7

    Day 14

    Day 17

    Day 18 Kind of noticed a problem here with the nutrients

    Day 22 Didnt even want to take pictures! So this was the night I repotted and flushed it!

    Day 23 Tonight!

    Do you think im doing OK?

    I have just miracle grow soil with nutrients added by miracle grow in the soil in the plant pot.

    I have bat guano, worm castings, tomato feed (not sure how much to feed though),perlite and blood bone and meal too.

    However I think this miracle grow stuff is doing just fine. And my strain is only 8-9 weeks long so I am not quite sure what to do at all. And would be grateful for any pointers!

    edit. give me 30mins to work out pictures on this forum!
    edit2. done! hope my camera work is OK.
  2. And Day 24 is here!

    Why is my plant so short and stumpy I dont know!

    I think this is OK for new leaves to be slightly curled

    I can see growth since yesterday, but I have still not made a decision about my nutrients to give to her.


    What is this thong on top in the middle, is this the main cola as I have heard? Will i not be seeing my plant growing larger?
  3. Day 25! Pics are like 10 hours early since I may not be having my camera tonight.

    Quite lonely in this thread sure is

    Anyway, I think its slowing down slightly

    The room that this is growing in smells strongly.

    May have the balls to start nutrients now!

  4. nice keep posting more stuff

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