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kind of embarrasing

Discussion in 'General' started by Atomic Bong, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. kind of embarrasing but like i've been smoking for maybe 3 years but just recently, like a year ago this weird shit happens to me when I get stoned.. like my legs near get all tingly and like cold sometimes, and i think im pissing my pants.. like it just feels like im peeing the whole time im high.. and it reallllyy ruins the high for me.. any clues? tips? any way to fix it??
  2. are you sitting down and doing nothing when you smoke? if so maybe you should go outside and jog or something to get the blood in your legs moving
  3. drink lots of fluid before you get high, and then take a huge piss when you are high. you will feel really good and then super chill. the same thing happens to a friend i used to smoke out with
  4. LOL! Same damn things happen to me, i cant feel my legs so i have to move them and feel them to make sure they are there lol, then they get all tingly and numb sometimes. Then for the pissing thing i just take a big piss to where i feel like i gota piss i just laugh and know i dont have to.

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