Kind of a Stemmy Question? Answers Appreciated

Discussion in 'General' started by (T)x(H)x(C), Apr 19, 2006.

  1. My Friend Recently told me that He had about 15-20 good sized stems,and that he cut them all up into very small pieces and just loaded um into the pipe and smoke them like a bowl,,and he said he got high off of it..Is it true that if u have enough stems u can get high off them or is my friend just retarted and made himself believe he was high?????
  2. everybody here is gnna say its garbage but hey i smoked alot of stems when i was dry and it got me high, some ppl say u get headaches or sore throats i never have but then again i smoke krippy stems, i say smoke em
  3. Yeah u can or sure get high off stems, but theres really no point mine as well just save a bunch and make hash or hash oil
  4. there's less THC in stems, therefor you need more.
  5. I've never smoked straight-up stems....but i've heard they're really harsh and don't really get you all that high!

    my suggestion is to make Green Dragon using the stems! :smoking:

  6. That was my original plan but i will need alot of stems and its not just worth the hassle,,so i was wondering if they could get me high right now,,being as i have no weed or if i shuold just toss them
  7. Why not make some GD with them it for your next rainy day? Also, you could always make a smaller batch of GD with whatever stems you have (still takes 2 weeks tho, i'm guessing).
  8. I say cook with them. Dig up the recipe here for ichiban or ramen or whatever it was called. :smoking:

  9. No if im going to make some Gd i wouldnt want like a half gallons worth not no pint:p But do you think it would be a good idea to smoke um to feel a lil buzz or should i just toss them...(btw..My friend is in the process of makin GD so i can jus drink his with him:p)
  10. I've never really been fond of stems because the THC in them is so insignificant...

    It would be cool to have a bottle of everclear and all year long just put all your stems in it and shake it all the time then once a year (4/20, NYE, or BD) have some fun.
  11. Well I Decided To Smoke them...I am Currently on the 2nd bowl...unfortunately when i chopped um all up i had about 5 bowls worth but my clumbsy self dropped myself phone on the piece of paper they were on between my lap so they all fell to the floor and i only recovered about half of them...but i feel a lil bit buzzed more on the sober side tho...i can tell this bowl will get me high tho...So To Whoever Said Stems Are WoRthless then F*** U(Says That in the most playful way):p
  12. Maby My Friend isnt such a retard after all..I am officially High:p
  13. Ive taken a shitlaod (pill bottle) full of stems and cut it w/ sisors into tiny ass shake grinded w/ grinder and made it powder .. it gets u high just takes a lot.. and it taste decent in a bubbler or water pipe to reduce harsheness.. so no ur friends not a retard it has thc in it.. peace

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