Kind of a dick move, BUT WE HAD TO DIP!

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  1. kk short and simple story about what happened Friday night

    in my town, there's literally not much to do unless your friends with the right people, which i so happen to be very good friends with those people. We do nothing but smoke weed all week, and drink on the weekends.

    there's a sonic that everyone goes to, to meet up and chill. every time i go there i meet up with at least 25 people and we just chill there until its time to leave and go party. (note most likely every person there is either holding or has tome type of alcohol in there car) were even steal enough to roll blunts in our cars while people pass us going through the drive through.

    so this night i park my car in this neighborhood and ride with my boys. we meet up with an ass of people at the sonic and were all just chilling talking and shit. In our car we have a bottle of goose and a bottle of Bacardi hurricane. these 3 girls had weed and wanted to smoke so i hop in there car and we start rolling 2 blunts. This is when shit starts getting weird

    our friend K shows up and he's a pretty chill dude. my other friends always tell me stories about how he sometimes pukes after smoking weed or spice, but ive never really been there to see it. but every time were chilling with him i just hope they were kidding around because if i see someone puke, if i don't run away I'll most likely puke hahaha.

    K parks his truck and our friend E goes and gets in his truck with him, where they smoke a couple bowls of spice. by that time me and the girls already have 1 blunt in rotation. so were hotboxing and K gets out of his truck and starts approaching the large group of people who was there. AND OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE HE STARTS PUKING ALL OVER THE PLACE....

    This is the part where everyone starts to scatter and get in there cars to jet the fuck outta there. Because there were cars at the drive through that totally just started at him puking. AND HE JUST WOULDNT STOP PUKING! Girl starts her jeep and we just ride the hell outta there still with the blunt going. we drive up the road and go back down and past sonic where we see K just laying on his back in the back of his truck.

    i know we all should have done something but hey, it was either that or wait for the people at the drivethough to call the cops. And if the cops came there would have been ALOOT of MIP's given out that night, and other shitt

    But on the bright side, i met up with the guys i came there with and we all went over to the girls house i was riding with and partied pretty fuckin hard. I ended up puking that night too, but in a backyard with 4 other people around me puking hahaha
  2. eww...if weed made me throw up I dont think I could smoke it
  3. idk if it was the weed or the spice, but something makes him chuckkk
  4. I'm the same way, if I see someone puke, so do I haha.

    And I love mixing spice and kush, super intense high. I've never heard of anyone throwing up off of spice though.
  5. What's an ass of people?
  6. when i get the chance, i loooove smoking spice it feels like a heavy ass weed high, but you can tell its totally different
  7. what would you consider and ass of people in a sonic parking lot?
  8. Your a dick bro. You should have helped your friend out. Your probably under 18 right? You guys were doing nothing wrong at all...

    Unless you were all under 18 or 21. lol
    And you could have easily said any of the weed smell or blunts was the LEGAL spice.
  9. except the fact that spice smells nothing like weed? dont tell me you would have stayed there in that situation with all the shit we had..


  10. Yes I would have lol.
    Trust me bro, cops are not going to immediately dispatch to a kid throwing up in a parking lot.
    You know what they will respond to?
    25 people booking it like crazy all at once.

    Cops don't have the time and money to deal with unimportant shit like this, if someone called the police it was because all of you booked it all at once.

    I'm not trying to sound cocky but I'm getting my Bachelors in criminal law and know this is nothing to be worried about at all....
    Should have helped him out :)
  11. he must of taken a huge hit, g
  12. Lmao. OP, I think you just got butt-fucked?
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    i don't like seeing people throwing up so i would've left too....
  14. oooooooooo my god id probly cry that shit would suck lol

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