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Kind Buds Underrated?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by th3cre8r, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. You know guys, I've been smoking three bowls a day for about a year now, and I've sworn on headies. Never had a problem paying $70 for 1/8th, you know... But two days ago me and my boy picked up an ounce of high-grade kind bud (for only $275), and let me tell you, it's fucking marvelous. First of all, the smell is incredible -- like chamomile tea with cream. Very soft, very subtle. And visually, the weed is impressive, small trichs, but such long, sticky red hairs. It smokes beautifully, puts you on Cloud 9, very lofty, cerebral high, but not stony at all. Why does KB get so little credit? I mean, I think it's a great thing to have on hand to mix with exotics or to wake up to in the morning...
  2. Stop placing so much stock in the adjective your dealer happens to use. "KB" to you could be "headies" for many others. It's all irrelevant.
  3. kind kinda means dank, buddy... I dunno what's wrong with the naming system where you are...

  4. To be honest, if you are paying that much for headies then I feel you. Coming from a college town where people still text me to tell me what they have to a shitty area with no good herb it is hard to find dank around here. I used to pay 50 for an eighth and now my hookup has been gone.

    I dont discriminate against good mids or lower grade nug as long as it is cost efficient and its a good smoke.

    I use good mids for blunts and edibles.
    Dank for glass and personal joints.
  5. hmm...headies is kind bud. Sounds like you must have picked up some sativa
  6. uhhh where im from, "kind bud" is the kinds bud that rolls up every once in a blue moon and is better then mids, but not as good as dank.
  7. sounds like beasters
  8. Where does kind bud fit in?--

  9. Kind Bud generally refers to Beasters (Grown in Canada), buds commercially (mass produced) grown with the intent to distribute in the U.S. They vary in quality and appearance, but generally can be described as light green, red hairs, dense nuggets, no seeds, and sometimes described as "Chem Rocks" because of their density. Fairly neutral in scent, depending on how far down the food chain you are.

    Each harvest is marked up as "Single A", "Double A", and "Triple A". They are all the same strand but signify the better parts of the crop. Triple A's could be compared to low level to mid grade headies. Single A and Double A rate better than Commercial Grade and Midis. I can't recall the name of the strand used but it is heavy on the indica side.

    Kind Bud/Beasters get brought in from the North so above the Mason Dixon line, people pay $30 to $50 an 1/8th. Down south between $40 and $60.

    Most consider it a gateway for beginners to appreciate higher quality nugget. Going from commercial or midis to Kindbud is worth the price upgrade, and going from Kind Bud to headies is definitely worth the upgrade.

    Just someone's 2 cents anyway...

    By the way, Long time reader first time poster, Hello Everyone!
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  10. well if you could figure out what strain it is i would be really happy because you hit the nail on the head simsays
  11. KB is different than headies where im from, but i dont fuck with that stuff. i get an 1/8 of KB for $50 and an 1/8 of headies for 65, its way worth those 15 more dollars for headies.

    I figure either im gonna spend the extra money and get some headies, or just get some mids...not really half ass it.
  12. same here except kb is the standard bud from my guy, unless you tell him you want dank. then he takes me into this drawer thats labeled high grade. lol the smell will just about knock you out when he opens the drawer

  13. Brown schwag----green schwag----popcorn/mids----beasters----dro----headies(strain danks)

    KB is that beaster/dro area.
  14. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT 70 AN EIGHT?!?!?!?!?!??! i would stop smokin weed if it was that expensive....
  15. Alright guys, to clear this up, this is my scale:

    Low Mids: Schwag, over-cured outdoor -- seeds
    Beasters: BC High Mids, but always kiefed, and ultra dense brick weed
    High Mids: Nugget, sometimes kiefed, rarely have hairs... rarely 'dro... sometimes don't have seeds
    Kind Bud: Well-cured sativa-dominant bud, very mild high, aesthetically beautiful but altogether not great tree
    High KB: Fluffy, long-red-hairy sativa, mild to the nose, but slightly stronger than standard KB.
    Unnamed Exotics and Name-Strain Headies: Perfectly cured indoor (usually 'dro) of a powerful, carefully-bred strain. Always totally organic.

    Hope that helps..?
  16. sounds like beasters to me. show a pic
  17. Not my pic, but this is it...[​IMG]
  18. kind bud taste like grass...and its not potent. but you pay 275 an ounce. damn thats so expensive you should try getting the price down to at lease 225 200
  19. I love Kind Bud. I can get reggies for 150 and O, KB for 250 and O and Exotics for 400 and O and more often then not, I'm all for the KB because it's always super reliable and I always get fat bags.
  20. Nice first post. Very informative!

    Welcome and +rep

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