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Kind Bud vs. Official

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KronosX, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. I was thinking to myself the other day, is there really that much difference in the high that you get from KB and official (high grade commercial)? Lately I haven't been able to tell and I've found that to spend the extra money on kind bud is almost not worth it, seeing as commercial is half the price if not less sometimes. What do you guys think?
  2. i feel you same way you do! now i get a 1/4 an 0z for 25$. The Normal weed. but one decent j will fuck me up. and this kid yesterday on my job said he can get some hydro for 125$ a 1/4oz, what the fuck. i can get an oz and a 1/4 with that much money. im like damn you will really go out your way just to get a LITTLE more potent weed, and yes, a little.

    fuck what i just said, what im trying to say is i brather have a 1/4 oz of normal weed for 25$ than have 1/4 oz of hydro for 50$ ( he's from another town from me, here a 1/4oz of hydro cost 50-65$ a 1/4 oz, there it must cost 125$).

    P.S. if it was somthing like Purple Haze or a Haze Hybrid, sometimes i rather get that for a high price, but it would just be for my personal stash only, no friends when it comes to Haze, inless everyone chips in.
  3. yea, ive been gettin free bunk and im actually gettin f'cked up. ill smoke mids later. as for higher potent bud, if its too much and we could jus get flame for cheaper, we go for the flame. we only buy dro when where out of people to buy from, cuz damn, $20 a gram
  4. Yea I see where you guys are coming from with the money point of view, but I get KB for the same as commercial...25 a q/t. I just got this new hook up like 6 months ago and I havnt had one batch in the past 6 months that i couldn't just take one hit from either a j, or a bong, and wouldnt be messed up. I took 3 bong hits the other night and was more messed up than i was back when i got the commercial stuff and smoked a whole bag. I really like KB and won't give it up for nothing, but another reason i think this is so good is bc every batch i get has mass amounts of THC crystals. I love it and its the same price as comm. bud for me.
  5. I am so happy I don't get involved in street smoke,,,,around this area,,they get a mere 1/4oz of whatever for $60.......eeeew

  6. I enjoy Kind Bud immensly, don't get me wrong... but when I say official, i'm not talking about regular old shwag, i mean that commercial that comes in bud form and smells potent as hell and will give you a high VERY close to a nug high. In my opinion it is worth it since it costs about half as much just because it's labeled as commercial. If I had a deal where I could get nugs for the same price tho, you can bet that's all I'd be smoking.
  7. indeed, so why dont we buy mass quantities of official again?
  8. maybe we would if we had a decent fucking dealer. I HATE THIS TOWN!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. yes indeed. Gotta hate the 'rose.

    So ah....what are we doing about that kb we were supposed to buy today? lol

    we should just blow it off and get what Mr. X has when he picks up.
  10. nah, lets get the nugs, its a 90 DOLLAR QUARTER OUNCE, but sadly that's cheaper than the regular HUNDRED DOLLARS that we have to drop on a FUCKING quarter around here.
  11. edit-


  12. dude, don't tell everyone where we're from.... they're fucking onto us now, let's hide
  13. why...uh...who cares if we're from uh....cough-wakefield-cough...
  14. are you talkin about melrose mass??
  15. yeah...... wakefield....... i live in wakefield.........
  16. haha yeah we are
  17. nice nice, i got some nice mids. wanna blaze?
  18. wait ur from melrose? how old are you? do we know you?
  19. nah im from everett, right near melrose, im 20
  20. yeah im gonna need some info

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