Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Johnny Blazed, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    should be interesting
  2. should be a good fight. Or at least a compelling one.

    Kimbo TKO 3

  3. I think Shamrock will destroy Kimbo...
  4. are you kidding me? this fight is all about money. ken shamrock should be ashamed of himself. he is too old and hes only doing this for money. now if he looks bad to the likes of someone like kimbo then all that does is blow kimbo up even more. Kimbo could actually beat shamrock at his age. the power of kimbo is no joke but a prime shamrock would have this won in under a minute.

    after sayin that.

    IM DEF WATCHIN!!!!! hahahha
  5. Remember when Ken Shamrock was in the WWF? The good old days. He did an ankle lock has his signature move lol.
  6. This looks like it could be bad for Shamrock. He hasn't won a fight since 2004 and they've all been knockouts from strikes in the first round. While it would be cool to see him take out Kimbo I don't think its gonna happen... I'm gonna go ahead and say TKO first round.
  7. who here is a big mma fan?
  8. I was just about to say that

    That would be the only reason I'd be interested.
  9. That's so long from now.

    but damn who hasn't seen the youtube videos of Kimbo destroying.
  10. Haha.

    Why anyone would want to fight Kimbo Slice is beyond me.

    He's BEAST like.
  11. Kimbo Slice is the reason God created baseball bats. IMO Much Love.

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