Kimbo Slice Is Back

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  1. i herd that kimbo is going to be on the next The Ultimate Fighter 10 evens vs rampage i just got to say he better of inproved his ground game
  2. Kimbo is and always will be a brawler. He's no MMA fighter. Everyone should know that, including Kimbo.

    So I hope that dude sticks to his street fights, cause thats where he wins.
  3. He hasnt signed a contract with ufc to my knowledge so i doubt he will fight rampage and i doubt he would host the reality series. They usually have experienced veterans on the show as coaches.
  4. he's not going to be a coach, he's going to be one of the guys competing on the show for a ufc contract. wonder who's team he's going to be on. it'll be interesting to see if he's improved at all, and satisfying if he hasn't to watch him get mauled.
  5. To be honest, I can't wait to see Kimbo on the show. Finally people will be able to see that hes not the greatest fighter that his videos put out to be. I think it will be great when he is the first to get kicked off and everyone will realise how much he still has to learn. The guy has potential but he needs to learn how to fight.
  6. kimbo sucks at mma
  7. I'd have to agree that Kimbo is no fighter, like Rhythm said, he is a brawler.

    From the interviews I've seen, he seems like a nice guy though.
  8. who said he was going to be a coch not me rashad evans and rampage are the coches
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    hahaha I remember the first real fight I personally saw him in and he got his ass handed to him. I second this post, Kimbo should stick to the streets.

    Edit: Even after watching kimbo's street fights... his stance is off, he holds tight fists before swings (Slow ya down a bunch) Most the people he fights are way worse than that even.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kimbo Slice Knocked Out by Seth Petruzelli - Full Video[/ame]
  10. [​IMG]

    yea hes going to be on The Ultimate Fighter 10 as a contestant
  11. I really don't like that big furry ape.
  12. Kimbo should have started MMA at least 10-15 years ago to make a good impact in UFC. All he has going for him is strong strikes, that's it.

    Put him against Fedor and that would be a short fight.
  13. Kimbo is a beast and no one can deny that. Hell he may even go far on TUF 10, he may not win but I have a feeling he'll be fighting in the UFC anyway.

    But, once he starts fighting guys like Frank Mir or Andrei Arlovski or even Brock Lesnar...Kimbo is gonna be in big trouble.
  14. Kimbo would have to work twice as hard. Why? Because all of his years of 'brawling' have had some pretty serious reverse effects for MMA. He has gotten into habits and he will have to train out of those and into the better ways. He has quite a challenge ahead of him if he expects to be a real great MMA fighter. Endurance is his biggest problem, he can throw some hard hits but if the other guys can dodge/block those hits for a little bit its all over for Kimbo.

    I personally just started training in boxing and man... throwing punches for a little bit takes some fucking energy.
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    Strikeforce should have bought him up, honestly. I don't think he'll get past everyone on TUF unless they're all complete rejects. Sure, he'll fight on some cards if he doesn't win... But against who? And who really cares?

    Arlovski isn't in the UFC any longer, and any mid/top tier HW would smash Slice. Shane Carwin would punch a hole in his face.
  16. i think that annoucer guy may have busted a nut when they called the fight haha. i heard that elite xc was fake.. someone told me that the day after that fight they found out it was all setup and shit...
  17. He was kayo'd by some dude walking backwards throwing a " Oh shit, don't kill me " punch. Hilarious.

  18. yeah my bad, the way I read you post I thought he and rampage were going to be coaches.
  19. Set-up or not the results would be the same against any top end UFC heavyweight. He might not lose that quick but he would get dominated.
  20. Whoever told you that is a retard.

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