Kim Kardashian at age 14.

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    This picture was in a 2008 edition of cosmopolitan. The reason? Kim wanted to prove she had her breasts by the age of 14, to set aside claims of them being fake.

    Now the question is, all morals aside...would you have tapped that when she was that young?
  2. that doesn't look 14

  3. thats what I said too but then it was true
  4. dam man shes fine as fuck i dnt hate on her real talk shes beautiful,,my princess jasmine <3
  5. She was hotter then.
  6. ahh yes she finally passed fourth grade at that age... by fucking the teacher

    I was the teacher :devious:
  7. no way. tell me your lieing. how do you know shes 14?
  8. Woah it's true? Did the internet say that?
  9. d3m br3@sts 0_0
  10. D0ze B3wbs?
  11. Implants at 14?
    The fuck.
  12. Worth it? Yes.
  13. She's straight out ugly and i bet her pussy smells like road kill too!:devious:

  14. because the picture was in cosmopolitan.
  15. Thats what I thought...
    No way!

    Her mom wanted to make money on her that bad??
  16. i believe it. when i was in 8th grade i knew a couple girls that had double d's it was fucking dope.

    2 of them actually ended up getting breast reduction surgery because they were embarrassed.

    they literally had the best sets of tits ever.
  17. She's still a butterface

  18. i don't see no butter on her face br0 :confused_2:
  19. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']

    i don't see no butter on her face br0 :confused_2:[/quote]

    Everythings good but er face

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