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  1. Anybody experimented with this at all? :confused:

    A guy at my work just got a bunch, they're only $5 a pill, but he didn't know what the real name was of them (he was calling them "goodies" :p). One of my buddies came over and quickly identified them for me.

    It's a muscle relaxer I believe? I was wondering what's the best way to take it (parachuting, railing or just plain eatin' 'em)?

    Also how many milligrams will I need to get rocked (I'm 5'10, probably 180 - 195 pounds).
  2. its a benzo. whats the dosage u got, prob .5-2mg depending how fuced up you want to get. i just recommend eating it, maybe a beer to wash it down. youll just slow down and be chill
  3. like dude said, its a benzo, not a muscle relaxer, its also spelled klonopin aka clonazepam and i suggest you take like 2-4mg....5 a pill seems steep but you didnt inform us what mg pill's he got....for the record, i wouldnt buy "goodies" from anyone who didnt know how to properly pronounce the damn name
  4. mm those really are bomb..they are gonna make you feel reall good. BUT to me they arent worth 5 bucks a pill. Buy one off him and decide for yourself, if you think the high is worth 5 bucks go for it.. itll last most of the day.
  5. 2-4 mg, is way too much i would not listen to that advice.

    Im pretty experienced with this drug as i have been prescribed it in the past and have taken numerous different benzos on numerous different occasions.

    i would say go for 1mg for your first time. smoke some bud with it, feel good. I have used 2mg and that was damn intense so i can imagine what 4mg your first time would be like :eek::eek:

    have fun and dont die! :wave:
  6. he said he wanted to get rocked bro, 1mg aint gonna do that...2-4 will.
  7. holy shit 5 a pill.... f that

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