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Killing your tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pasck, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi guys i just thought i should share my method to killing my tolerance when it gets too high. I bought a blue hill salvia plant frome lowes hoping it would have the effects of salvia divinorum but it didnt. I did some research and i found that its kills your tolerance to most drugs so i tryed it. I chewed about 5 leaves then the next day i smoked i j and i was as high as i had ever been, usually i would need 4 blunts to get that stoned. The plant was only 8 bucks so its definatly worth it.

    -keep on tokin
  2. I kinda doubt thats true, probably all in your head. If salvia was a magic tolerance killer, everyone would know it
  3. no shit really? for how long have you been smoking before you took that plant? sounds like magic!!! im planing to stop smoking for a whole week from today to next sat...:(
  4. Ive been smokin for about 2 years almost every day and i doubt its in my head because it also killed my tolerance to nicotine. I would smoke a cig and get a really strong buzz so it definatly did somethin
  5. placebo
  6. I believe you, alot of sages effect the receptors in your brain a certain way, in certain ones.
    opioid receptors i think
  7. Yea it def isnt placebo cause i gave it to my friend without tellin him it might kill his tolerance and it did. Im just not sure if it would work on everyone or only certain people that have that reaction to it
  8. I guess you've found the miracle tolerance killer we've all been looking for..
  9. You bought a plant...from a home gardening store and tried to smoke it...

    What the hell am I reading?

  10. No i didnt smoke it i chewed the leaves
  11. I foresee many tokers avidly searching their local garden centres.:rolleyes:
  12. ahhhhh I remember my first beer.
  13. some of you misunderstand completely maan.
    some of these plants have many uses..
    alot of 'ancients' used plants like this for things.
  14. Yeah it still doesn't erase cannabis tolerance, tolerance doesn't work like that. THC is stored in fat cells in your body, none of that can be wiped out in mere hours

  15. Well it worked for me and i just wanted to see if it worked for anyone else
  16. That's not how tolerance works.

    Marijuana and the Brain, Part II: The Tolerance Factor

    that may help a bit.
  17. THC in your fat cells has nothing to do with tolerance...
  18. #20 Iluvatar, May 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2011
    Thats how it works in the brain

    Plus, this article addresses the way the body is affected by tolerance

    This is from that article
    " Dispositional tolerance is produced by changes in the way the body absorbs a drug."

    So yeah I know there are at least several factors involved in the process

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