Killing our dreams

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Sir.TokeAlot, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I'm sitting here wasting my time,
    but thank God i'm not wasting my mind.
    There really isn't a good excuse,
    for why i can't put my time to use.
    Is there something i need to know?
    Is there somewhere i need to go?
    What am i doing here?
    Is it wrong for me to not care?
    I don't feel like following rules.
    Becoming another of 'their' tools.
    Being a slave for minimum wage,
    until i'm freed at that dying age.
    When i can live my life and rest in peace,
    and i can chill wit god and have an eternal feast.
    When i can free my mind and live my dream.
    But until then i wonder what it means,
    when we're happy in life, or so it seems,
    and it ends so quickly, killing our dreams.
    I want to LIVE, LOVE, and be HAPPY,
    but it's hard when this world's so crappy.

    I wrote this today.....lemme know what you think.....maybe i'll post my other one when i get back from class
  2. Pretty good and that's coming from someone who basically can't stand poetry.
  3. Thanks, should it mean more coming from someone who doesn't like poetry?? :p

    Now, if only more people left some criticism lol.....

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