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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by uberdad420, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Well I'm at work right now, it's a slow day so I've been thinking about Killing Floor 2 and getting pumped up. I'm gonna hop online around 5 pm Central time if anyone would like to join. Just provide your usernames so I can add you.

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  2. Good luck playing online bro I haven't been able to find a match since it was free with PS+ the servers are shocking lol
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  3. the-evil-thing5

    Though I have to work until midnight today, so probably won't be playing tonight
  4. Yeah I can never find a match lol. I want to like the game but think I'm a tad late to the experience. Graphics are killing me....

    But I still play PS4


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  5. The servers are dead serious on it bruh the games basically a rip of from gears of war horde mode
  6. I never have trouble finding matches? Hard survival any map games not started, us west server. Moderate NAT. Maybe it's your location?
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  7. I've changed the location from Europe USA ect still wouldn't find me any matches
  8. I never have problems finding matches either. The only thing I couldn't find a match in was the weekly thing they have going on, but regular survival I always get put in a game.

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  9. That's weird, I never have a problem finding a match either. the only time I have a problem is if you pick the map you want to play specifically. Then It can take a while, or just wont happen at all lol.

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