Killing Bin Laden - a big mistake?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mcherbie, May 2, 2011.

  1. There were two reasons for killing him:

    1. Vengeance.

    2. Osama's popularity ratings.

    But can't you see that this will now result in massive recruiting into linked terrorist groups worldwide?
    Also the creation of yet another martyr for the religious fanatics will spur them on to more and more atrocities.
    Surely the best thing was to have left him isolated and powerless inside his dusty compound?

    How many more 100's or 1000's will now die as a result of this?

  2. It's not about killing Osama that will rack up death tolls... it is and always has been our foreign policy. Untill that changes I expect us to remain the same in the view of terrorists. Obviously, it will be a little heated and probably escalated as you say for a period of time.
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    Osama had good presidental ratings? Shit I guess the US population doesn't even know who is in office these days.

    If you're going to make a thread critiquing what the US always planned to do then you better proof read your shit so it doesn't make you sound like an imbecile.
  4. I wish I was perfect - like the US is - but I occasionally make a mistake.

    Maybe you should fly a drone over me?


  5. This actually kind of pisses me off...

    Osama didn't attack Obama... He attacked us as a nation. When we attacked Afghanistan, we attacked them as a nation. When we killed Osama, we did so as a nation. Not that I particularly want credit for a 10 year war, thousands of innocent deaths, etc. but god damn... No president should have made a speech like he did. He used the words 'I' and 'me' way too much when they should have been 'us' and 'we'.

    Capturing bin Laden 'would unleash hell'
  6. [​IMG]

    its fake. so im sure the next terror scare will be too!

    wake up america! the rugs being pulled from under you while you hide your face from non-existent terror!
  7. Oh boy, here we go again..
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    Alex Jones is that a black helicopter hovering above your home? The NWO has it out for all of us!!!
  9. So your telling me a bunch of goat farmers from the rocky mountain region of poor ass Afghanistan somehow found a place where they had a t.v. outside their village and seen america on it. they was so pissed they mastermind 9/11 without ever seeing an airplane?

    good image of ppl and terrain.

    The Challenge of Afghanistan : Fun President

    these ppl work everyday just to survive. they have no time to mastermind terror plots. the cia does though. especially since they trained the taliban.

    you guys must be real smart. dont worry, just take the govt.'s word. they already have your checkbook.
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    I completely agree with you. The sad thing is we may never know the identities of those who were part of the operation. From now until the debates Obama's ratings will sky rocket and America will have a raging hard on for him to win the 2012 election... If he does I am heading to Europe.
  11. Look osama had dialysis in 2001...i seriously doubt he stayed on the constant move, and constantly flee'd a pursuing nation. He has been dead for a good number of years. For what reason they decided to "Kill" him and make it public now i dont know. But something big is coming...
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    The funny thing is you probably had no idea Usama bin Laden was actually a Saudi Arabian who had millions of dollars to use against the West. But whatever you like to believe go ahead and do it, after all this is America and we do have soliders in the Middle East fighting for your freedoms whether you like it or not.
  13. oh yeah, who told you that? the millionares in our govt? good source. just beleive what they say.

  14. Whoa, I'm sold.
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    My grandfather was on dialysis for over 5 years and if you are put on it soon/early enough you can give your body a chance to heal itself ;)
  16. Because it's always the best idea to believe anything our government tells us in America -.-
  17. Lol do you think your grandfather could have evaded the United State of America for 10 years while being the Number 1 most wanted man in the world? It doesnt add up...first i heard on the news that a predator drone killed him, now its a navy seal team who shot him twice in the head.
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    PBS bullshits everything right?

    Also he was in a functional city so that doesn't mean that he could've paid someone off? I mean after all the US and Pakistan were on such good relations within the last couple months? :rollseyes:
  19. Obviously PBS bullshits, a television station obviously doesnt tell the truth, it is completely biased based off government regulation. And you cannot deny gov regulation of television. This whole thing is simple propaganda and by the overnight riots and celebrations around the world it is working. I am just hopeful that we dont see retaliation. Because it could set off the spark that the worlds been dreading.

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